Uncover Your Life Purpose




Uncover Your Life Purpose Time duration 90min. Fee$1500

Description of “Uncover your Life purpose” private session- Everyone has a much greater purpose in life that goes beyond making a living. Finding that purpose and working to accomplish it can be an extremely fulfilling experience. It can be something that adds great dimension to any life well lived.

In an Uncover Your  Life Purpose session you will learn about the true purpose of your life. If you have come this far it is because your soul has led you here. In these sessions you will be able to connect to your Soul and get a glimpse at your higher life purpose and how to accomplish it. Your soul, your Higher Self, guardian angels and  guides reveal their presence to you through Nasrin during your session and will continue to guide you even after your session ends. You will draw from that wisdom and guidance for the rest of your life.  Uncovering Your Life Purpose can be your pathfinder to empower you to fulfill your highest desires in alignment with your soul. The process of personal growth will continue to unfold and reveal itself even after the session ends. Everyone who has this experience feels uplifted and elevated.

 Please register for a  session  and email support@wavesofbliss.com with your preference as to weekdays or weekends and times.


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