Winter Solstice 2019 Ceremony & 2020 Message from Divine Mother


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We will perform a ceremony for Winter solstice, the longest night of the year after which the days begin to get longer and the nights shorter signifying the return of Light.

Additionally in this course Divine Mother will explain what to expect from 2020, address the numerological significance of the New Master Year of 2020, and help us understand how we can turn the energetic substance of the New Year of 2020 to our advantage for worldly success while also serving our own Divine Mission and true purpose.

The Year 2020 is made of two sets of master numbers 20 making it doubly powerful. Meanwhile while 22 is also a Master Number which can lead to our greater success and accomplishments during such a year if we know how to utilize them.

Divine Mother will tell us which of our beloved Guardians to call upon for greater success as they will be guiding us and serving us during this year and help us in connecting with them. This can empower us to magnify our desired outcome for the year.

We will use the energy of this Winter Solstice & 2020 Message from Divine Mother ceremony to call on more light to shine upon us, our loved ones and our world. Together as one we can make a huge difference.

Course fee $99.*

*Audio and transcript will be emailed to individuals who are registered by Dec. 12th and posted on the course page thereafter too.


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