Working With Nature Spirits from the Elemental Kingdom


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Working With Nature Spirits from the Elemental Kingdom

In this course we will be connecting with the Elementals in the 5th Dimension retreat along with Shiva and Shakti the guardians of Primordial Light. We will be assisting them through meditation and in return we will receive the energetic gifts of health, wealth and abundance.

There are 2 audios and 2 transcripts included in this course and we suggest that you work with a Selenite Heart during the processes.  Selenite brings in the  Celestial energies of Guardian Angels and Nature Spirits.

Use it on your chest for healing. Carry it around to uplift your mood. Place it next to you while you sleep for peaceful calming rest. Meditate with it to have deeper and more sublime experiences.

The selenite hearts we have available come in several sizes and are energetically cleared and charged by Nasrin to be vibrating at the highest frequency.

Small: $22 for 2: Approx. 1″ across, Medium: $28 for 2: Approx. 1.5″ across and Large: $25 for 1, Approx. 2″ across.

Selenite Heart-1 Large
Selenite Heart-2 Medium
Selenite Heart-2 Small



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