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You can use the principles of quantum Entanglement in your daily life to manifest the life you’d like to live free of pain and misery. You can even use the principles of quantum Entanglement, as a mechanism for manifesting your desired objects. It will be easy when you understand the concepts and the techniques suggested here and when you do the steps correctly for a period of time.

In the series of blogs that discuss concepts in Quantum Physics, I intend to bring you clarity about how these concepts can be used to make your personal life easier and more palatable, and ultimately more enjoyable; Once you understand and apply these concepts in your daily lives, You will see the benefits for yourself and your loved ones. In addition, by walking this path and applying these concepts you can etch a groove in the fabric of our reality for others to follow. That becomes a force for the good and you become instrumental in triggering a paradigm shift which has the blessing and support of the Divine Feminine behind it.

Occasionally, in our line of work with the channeled materials, we are told about a concept before scientific research proves it correct. One fun example of this happened in the 1980s when our Guide, Metatron, told us about the discovery of the Multiverses. He was giving us an account of where our Universe fits, in the bigger scheme of things, and what lies beyond our universe. He explained about a grouping of universes that belong together. He told us that the scientific community will call it a Multiverse, but he liked the term Omniverse much better!!! That was Metatron and some of you remember those days well. These days, I get a happy buzz when I read about the discovery of a new Multiverse or any title that has that word in it!

There is a throughline from the Modern Physics concepts to the concept of Quantum Living- a term Divine Mother has coined- as far as I know. Divine Mother explains the concept of Quantum Living as a new paradigm. She connects the dots using Quantum Concepts to lead us the experience of Multi-Dimensional Living. Then we can benefit from the combined impact to experience quantum Living with Multi-Dimensional implications. This allows us freedom from the survival mode in this 3rd Dimensional Reality and enables us to thrive in an expanded state as Multi-Dimensional Souls, thriving and creating a whole new reality void of pain and survival issues. The beneficial qualities enhance all life at multiple levels of existence.

In a nutshell, this is an enormous opportunity to combine the laws of quantum Physics to conquer the Higher Dimensions and to apply the Higher Dimensional Laws to manifest an easier, more enjoyable life in this 3rd D. While our physical bodies elevate and populate the 3rd Dimension, our capacity expands to enjoy and benefit from the laws of the Higher Dimensions. We benefit from our ability to live Multi-Dimensionally while we continue to be the guardians and occupants of the 3rd Dimension. We do this for as long as necessary, even into the future generations of humankind- until our human bodies absorb enough Light to permanently elevate us- body, mind, and soul- to the Higher Realms and to leave this realm of reality to the kingdoms of Animals, Minerals and Plants who are the rightful hairs of the 3rd Dimension.

Meanwhile, as the spearheads who trigger this paradigm shift, we move to embrace our Multi-Dimensionality and thrive at all levels of our existence instead of being stuck in survival mode. We pave the path, etch a groove, and make a map, for others to follow in our footsteps, whenever they are ready!

There’s no doubt in my mind that we are on the verge of something big and Divine mother wants us to spearhead it in the right direction with her guidance. This, as you may already know, is because if we do it right, with their guidance, then it has a better chance of taking roots. Then it has a chance of becoming a feasible reality with a solid foundation for a reality which works well for us. Together we will envision this reality and bring it to manifest form for the Earth and all souls to enjoy and for future generations will inherit.

What is Quantum Entanglement?

Einstein called quantum entanglement as ‘spooky action at a distance.’ Its premise is that “particles affect each other’s state, even when separated by vast distances.” earth.com
In 2022 the Nobel prize for Physics was given to 3 scientists who contributed to our understanding of Quantum Entanglement. earth.com

How does Entanglement work?

“In the simplest of terms, quantum entanglement means that aspects of one particle of an entangled pair depend on aspects of the other particle, no matter how far apart they are or what lies between them.” conversation.com

I read the above definition and thought: Now we have scientific explanation of how and why Healing Energy Work, also known as Distance Healing, works so well. It’s good to verify the science behind why and how it works.
The wisdom of the past centuries and the awareness of such healing was brought to us by scholars of ancient times, verified by various traditions. Such methods have been used for centuries with great results and the healing methods have been passed down for multiple generations with great awareness of their impact even without scientific back up. Yet it is good and comforting for present-day science to back them up for us.

The basic principles of Energy Healing Mechanisms use Distance Healing Techniques to enable the healer to send healing to a person who needs it regardless of the distance between them. Separation between the healer and the distance between the two poses no reduction in the nature of the Healing energies, their quality, their impact, or in the outcome. No barrier obstructs the reception of healing energies even when distances are vast.

Over the decades many new energy healing techniques have been developed and much has been written and discussed on the topic. The basic principle stays the same: sending love and healing from anywhere to anyone, any place or anything can bear positive and beneficial results.

In all distance healings, the common denominator is the connection, or the bond that is formed as light Energy emanates from one person to another or to an object. Now the entanglement theory of quantum Physics is demonstrating that same outcome in scientific terms.

The book, “The Hidden messages in Water” by “Dr Masaru Emoto” is a beautiful example. Emoto is a Japanese Scientist (1943-2014) who believed that human consciousness could affect the environment and proved it by using water as his medium. He published the results in his NY Times best seller books. He showed that Positive thoughts could heal and regenerate the molecular structure of water and even cleanse and purify polluted waters around the globe. He experimented with the most polluted waters first by taking before and after pictures of the frozen molecules of water with “High speed photography equipment.” The before Picture of the polluted waters had molecular structures that looked like ugly globs of goo or shards of broken glass.

He then asked people to send Healing Energy to those specific bodies of water. He demonstrated enormous positive change evidenced in the pictures that he presented in his books. His instructions to all participants were to send healing prayers of any sort- whatever each considered as healing Energy to the bodies of water. The after pictures showed the same molecules as clean, pure waters shaped like beautiful snowflake crystals.

How to Use Quantum Entanglement to Manifest an Object.

At a Small gathering, I heard a famous Spiritual Teacher speak of a manifestation exercise he had taught his students in a workshop. He told the story of Tom, one of the participants, who had written to report on his experience.

Tom had decided on a Red Mercedes-Benz as his chosen object. He had taken all the steps as directed by the teacher and did them multiple times a day for many months: he would calm his mind and repeat to himself, “a red Mercedes-Benz in this garage.” He’d focus on visualizing that red Mercedes sitting in the attached garage of his house.

How to Bring It to Manifest Form for You to Enjoy

After a while his life situation changed. He and his family sold that house and moved elsewhere. Sometime after the sale, he was in the old neighborhood and decided to take a swing by to his old house. The garage door was open, and he noticed that a red Mercedes-Benz with his exact description was sitting in that garage.

He was writing to his teacher to inform him that he had, indeed manifested a Red Mercedes, but ironically, not for himself. The beneficiaries of that manifestation exercise were the new owners of the house and the garage. He had called on the Mercedes-Benz and entangled or connected it with that specific garage rather than with himself. It is possible that the new owner of that house already had the Mercedes-Benz before moving in. But even that possibility reinforces the fact that the Mercedes-Benz was called into manifest form in that garage, and not into Tom’s life.

Entangle Your Energy with the Object of Your Desires.

What had gotten lost in the translation, was the all-important condition whereby you’d entangle with the object of your desires. while embracing and internalizing the object of your desires, or in other words, entangling your energy with the energy of the object of your desires, is part of any successful manifestation exercise.

Embrace It and Entangle with it as a Part of You

Tom had separated himself from the object of his desires. He had seen it as an object sitting in his garage, rather than embracing, and tangling his own energy with the Red Mercedes. He had not connected the object to himself. Instead, he had connected it to the garage. In this instance the garage won the prize! Tying down the object to himself or entangling with it was the missing part of the exercise.

It could have been a different experience if he had visualized the red Mercedes as part of his personal experience. What was lost in translation was the all-important condition where you make yourself part of the reality you want to manifest. Meanwhile you entangle yourself with the object/reality that you desire to become a part of you. You and the thing experience or share a unity, a level of sameness, a connection, an entanglement. Then the object has nowhere else to be/manifest but with you.

Using Quantum Entanglement to Manifest the Mercedes Benz

Wikipedia explains Quantum Entanglement in this way, “When quantum systems interact, the result can be the creation of quantum entanglement. Their properties become so intertwined that a description of the whole solely in terms of individual parts is no longer possible. Wikipedia/quantum entanglement.

quantum entanglement Intertwines the energy of something you want to stick and entangle with your present reality – the Red Mercedes Benz you do not yet have- to stick to and get entangled with your current reality in such a way that the two become intertwined and inseparable. The individual parts comprise of:

a) the Red Mercedes,
b) your present reality

These two collide and become entangled. They merge into each other. The process of entanglement makes it easy to attract the Mercedes-Benz or any other object or intention to your reality. it will manifest once you have intertwined the object with your own reality by visualizing them as entangled and intertwined. they become one. The Mercedes-Benz will become part of your current reality.

Imagine how different that exercise would have been if the principle of quantum Entanglement and the concept of embracing and embodying the desired object was at play and in the consciousness of the person trying to manifest the item.

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Manifesting a Desired State Instead of an Object

The Mechanics of the entanglement technique for manifestation stays the same even when you intend to manifest something other than an object. For example, a state of being or a condition like, manifesting a state of peace, feeling safe, having prosperity, harmonious family relationships, healing, and wellbeing in the body, or any other beneficial state of being.

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