With Sanat Kumara in Shamballa

Sanat Kumara in Shamballa meditation

Who Is Sanat Kumara?

Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Head of earth’s hierarchy. He’s the Guardian and protector of Earth. his responsibilities are to uphold both spiritual and Political structure of Earth and life on earth. He is described in available literature as the regent for earth. Link below
Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara is our Planetary Logos

Sanat Kumara runs the office of the Planetary Logos. Logos, a Greek word translates as: “Word, Discourse, Reason.” He is the one who has the final word about all matters relating to this planet and all species. Humankind is considered the Guardians of Earth and Sanat Kumara is the guide and teacher for all Humankind. Sanat Kumara is a Highly evolved Ascended Master who had incarnated on Earth multiples of times until he graduated from Physical incarnations and joined the Ascended Realms and the Spiritual Hierarchy. Anyone on a spiritual path who evolves to reach a certain Quotient of Light and Wisdom ( generally believed to be after 4th level and upon reaching 5th level of Initiation) will graduate from any further incarnations in the 3rd Dimension of earth. They can stay in the Higher realms and join the hierarchy of the Spiritual Masters to serve as spiritual Guided and guardians to those who are on their spiritual path on Earth.

Training a Planetary Logos Book by Janet McClure

Janet McClure has authored a book called, “The Story of SANAT KUMARA – Training a planetary Logos.” This sweet little book is in simple words that even a child could read and understand. In it Sanat Kumara speaks through Janet and explains that it took him some 999,000+ incarnations to earn the merits and the wisdom necessary to become the Regent for earth and hold the office of the Planetary Logos for earth. The short stories in the book describe different incarnations and the trials and tribulations Sanat Kumara endured to bring the nations and cultures back to “the Circle of Oneness.” Then he was allowed to leave each incarnation to start a new one. He gained the credentials to become the Planetary Logos for Earth after he had completed all the 999,000+ lifetimes successfully.

Sanat Kumara and Dalai Lama

Like the Dalai Lama, who is the Spiritual and Political Leader of Tibet and has been exiled from Tibet, Sanat Kumara too is the Spiritual and Political Leader for the whole planet and is exiled from the planet. Interestingly there are references to Sanat Kumara as a Buddha. And there is the reference that the Dalai Lama is an incarnation of Buddha. This exiled Dalai Lama is the 14th incarnation of Buddha.

The Brahma Sutras are scriptures about Lord Brahma who brought this world into manifest form. Sanat Kumar’s Name appears as one of Brahma’s 4 Sons. The sutras speak of the benevolence of the 4 sons who wowed to dedicate their life to service to humankind and to acts of benevolence.

Sanat Kumara’s Etheric Retreat of Shambhala Sanat Kumara has a residence in the palace or Retreat called Shambhala. Shambhala is a place for all people of the world but presently it does not have a Physical existence in our reality. It sits in the Etheric Realms corresponding to the 5th Dimension situated over the Upper Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

The Ascent of Benevolent Civilizations to the Higher Realms

It is believed that when a civilization completes its cycle of evolution and achieves its purpose, it ascends to Higher realms- all species transcend the 3rd Dimension of Reality. Then the area on Earth which hosted that civilization becomes a desert for a few hundred years. This is to maintain the dignity of the Energy of that Civilization and to protect it from pollution and corruption from overuse of that land by the new occupants who’d be at the start of their own evolution. This fits in with the position of Shambala in the Etheric realms over the Upper Gobi Desert. There is definitely a vast expanse of desert with dunes that pull tourists to visit. We visited in February when it was -40 Fahrenheit but there were no tourists around! We performed a ceremony on 2/2/2000 requesting the pouring down of the Shambala energies for the return of Purity and Benevolence in this Millenia.

Please check out the Course series, “With Sanat Kumara in Shambhala.”

This course is about the experience of Visiting with Sanat Kumara in his Sacred Throne in the Retreat of Shamballa. You will feel his energy, his love and his support as you receive his grace during the two part meditation in this course.
Part1 of the course is about meeting and receiving Sanat kumara’s Blessing. Part 2 is an initiation ceremony to begin a new phase of collaboration where you receive guidance and support from Sanat Kumara in all matters from worldly to spiritual pursuits. This is a powerful course which is uplifting. Your Soul and your Higher Self will be elated to re unite with Sanat Kumara.

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  1. What a beautiful Gift to access this Nasrin! Thanks so much – I am so looking forward to this awesome opportunity to be with Beloved Sanat Kumara! Love & Blessings!! Jacqui

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