Selenite Crystal: The Stone of the Heavens

selenite and sage

selenite and sage

Selenite is a shiny, smooth healing crystal that is gaining great popularity among healers, meditators, and crystal lovers across the globe. Cool to the touch, Selenite brings soft feminine liquid light to remove negativity and bring mental clarity.

Selenite is made of Gypsum, a transparent variety of crystals with a soft, moonshine-looking surface. In Greek Mythology, Goddess Celina (Selina) is known as the goddess of the full moon, and selenite crystal is a tribute to this Greek goddess of the moon. When polished, the selenite crystals take on a transparent shine resembling the moonbeam light of a full moon on a summer night.

One of the varieties of the mineral Gypsum is Desert Rose Crystal which has an uncanny resemblance to a rose flower, but this one is a gypsum flower. Putting a few Desert Rose Gypsum Flowers in a dish on your desktop or tabletop is a fun way to bring the energy of the heavens near you.   


Selenite has many awesome qualities: they range from removing negativity to bringing balance and harmony to your body, mind, and spirit to healing and balancing your emotions and thoughts, your aura, and auric field. Selenite is good for smoothing out your connection with others and for clearing and purifying the environment. Therefore, placing it in your personal and social space is highly beneficial. Place a rough or polished Selenite crystal of any size or multiples of them in your bedroom, living room, or your workspace. Selenite can promote mental clarity for everyone who is exposed to them.


Selenite is a great healing crystal for smooth and harmonious energy disbursement. It can intensify the good, happy, positive energies from the higher realms to you. Selenite is considered the stone from the heavens because it brings down heavenly energies from the Celestial realms of angels, guardians, and guides where only positive energy flows. Selenite spreads those high positive energies to you and around your wherever it is placed.


When you buy or receive your Selenite crystal or any crystal, it is a good idea to connect and awaken it with your own energy and the light of your energy field. This is usually considered a form of charging your crystal. Charging a crystal with your own can magnify the healing impact of your crystal and intensify the outcome or result you want your crystal to help you manifest. Similar to Clear quarts, Selenite is a programmable crystal which means you can charge it to help you manifest the exact outcome. It accelerates, enhances, and amplifies whatever you are programming it to do for you.


Use selenite crystals every time you feel heavy energies around you. If you are an empath, selenite is your best friend because you can clear negativity, pain, depression, or trauma you might have unknowingly picked up from people, places, or things. Selenite wands are great tools for clearing, cleansing and healing.

For best results, hold a Selenite wand in your left hand and another in your right hand.  Start by extending your arms out and point to your crown chakra at the top of your head and allow the crystal to clear this important energy center, the crown chakra. This is especially helpful at times when you have headaches. Then start moving both hands gently downward with your wands moving in sync together and pause at your throat, then the top of your chest, then your mid-chest, then your belly, then lower belly, then moving down by pointing to your hips, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet. Do this by pointing to each of these areas without bending your body down. The idea is that you keep receiving the energies without twisting your body which interferes with receiving healing and cleansing energy from the Selenite wand.

If you only have one selenite wand, then wrap both hands around it and repeat the process mentioned above. At night, you may leave your selenite wand(s) by your bedside to easily transport you back to those celestial realms for great dreams.


Selenite is one of those rare crystals that does not need cleansing, although it would prolong its life if you do cleanse it from time to time. Because selenite pulls its power and light from the celestial realms in the heavens above, it does not pick up the polluted energies of the earth. Selenite is water soluble and loses the shiny patina, it’s a satin spar on its surface if exposed to water. To learn more about cleansing crystals, check out how to use crystals for meditation.

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