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Selenite has a transparent moon like appearance. It is named after Goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon in Greek Mythology. In the New Age literature Celena (Celeena) is the goddess of the full moon while Aphrodite is the goddess of new moon and Hecate is the goddess of waning moon. The three goddesses work hand in hand to serve and assist those who call on them for help and assistance.

Selenite Power

Praying to Selena on full moon nights is a powerful way to get results and manifest objectives. Don’t be surprised if you get a full dose of charged energy if you call on her. This happens when you look at the full moon while standing outside in nature. I have had to stop myself from tipping forward from the charge of her response when calling on her in this way. Polished selenite pencil wands used for meditation by holding one in each hand with the tip pointing upward.

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Selenite’s Makeup

Gypsum, a common mineral which is found readily in large deposits especially in sedimentary rocks, is the primary compound in this stone. Large deposits of saline waters crystallize to create solid pillars and deposits of Selenite.


It is a soft stone that bends easily. Thin blade like pieces can look and act like arrows and wands: they are good at pointing the magnified charge of energy in the pointed direction. Selenite is a great conductor of energy, as well as an insulator. It can feel warm to the touch.

Color and Shape

Selenite has a transparent, pearlescent appearance that resembles the full moon. It gives a warm and fuzzy feeling when placed on the body. Selenite is usually found in the form of large pillars. After harvesting it from large Selenite mines or sedimentary deposits, some pillars and stickletts are sold raw and used as meditation tools.

Large pillars can be placed in the corners of a room or space. Smaller ones can be placed on a desk or table by the bedside. Mostly though, it is cut and polished into slabs, trays, arrows, wands, and shaped into a wide variety of shapes.  Polished Selenite healing wands with points or curved ends are used in healing. These are popular and gaining even more popularity day by day with great results.

Selenite is not particularly durable. Its soft surface can be easily scratched, even with your fingernails, and can be tarnished in the presence of water or moisture.
Nasrin Foster life coach meditation blue jacket