Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses – How Do They Impact You?

how solar eclipse impacts you

The definition of an eclipse is casting a shadow, obscuring the Light. It is a word you mostly hear a few times a year when Solar or Lunar Eclipses happen. It applies not just to the Sun and Moon, but whenever one celestial body obscures or casts a shadow on another.

From a spiritual standpoint and at energetic levels Solar and Lunar Eclipses are harbingers of change. They are catalysts to bring out things that you need to know from your subconscious levels to your consciousness. This transition of the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and emotions into the conscious levels of awareness is not always easy because it means change and requires action.  All that clutters your consciousness and hinders your process of awakening must be cleared out of the way for your Soul to shine.

This life is about you at the Soul level.  Your Soul’s purpose and how you accomplish that purpose is the real reason for taking a human incarnation.  All the stuff that stands in the way of receiving the Soul’s guidance and direction will have to be cleared out of the way.  The eclipses help the process of bringing stuff from the unconscious to the conscious to enhance your understanding at Soul level.  It’s a necessary part of your growth and evolution and must happen.  The process of adopting the newly realized awareness into action requires vigilance, acceptance, perseverance, and most of all humility. It takes time and energy to get there.  To fulfill your purpose for coming into this life you’d want to clear all the stuff that sits below the surface of your consciousness and clutters you up even when it’s not fun. The eclipses do just that!

Solar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse happens when the Moon blocks the Sun from us.  A Full Solar Eclipse covers the whole Sun and the sky goes dark during the day.  A Partial Solar Eclipse means the Moon only covers a part of the Sun.  The energetic and spiritual impact of a Solar Eclipse is that the Moon filters the energy of the Sun and gives us a recalibrated version of the Sun’s energy during the eclipse.  This is an important variation to the normal energy exchange between the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon.  On a normal day, we on Earth experience the energy of the Sun openly and freely.  In a Solar Eclipse the Moon acts as a lens to recalibrate the energy of the Sun and redirect it to us on Earth.  In essence the Moon softens the energy.  The energy of the Sun is considered masculine.  The energy of the Moon is considered feminine. Think of the energy of a Solar Eclipse as applying a feminine len which softens the energy; the soft motherly energy that speaks in your ears about all the ways you must accept change to tweak yourself to be a better human being.

How Does a Solar Eclipse Help or Hinder You?

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are portals where energy pours down just like all Portal Days.  A portal is when the energies from heaven and other planets or stars shower upon us.  Portal days happen when the number of the day and month are the same, for example 1/1, 2/2, … 10/10, 11/11, 12/12.  For the entire 24 hour period of a portal day the heavenly realms are open and Light pours down upon us.  Meditation, reflection, prayer, and setting intentions are very important.  It is easier and better to feel these energies by being still and reflective rather than active and cerebral.  Allowing yourself to receive the energies and absorbing them in the stillness of the mind and body makes the best use of the energies that shower upon you.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are also portals, but of a different kind.  The energy pours down, but it is the filtration mechanism that impacts the nature of the energy.  Also the impact of the eclipses linger much longer than the length of the eclipse. last weeks and months.  The full Solar Eclipse of August of 2016 which covered the entire surface of the United States shifted the energies and then upcoming elections in ways which have lasted for years since then.  The Solar and Lunar Eclipse of this year, especially the Full Lunar Eclipse falling on election day could set a new course.  The outcome remains to be seen.

The Significance of The Partial Solar Eclipse of October 25, 2022

The spiritual and energetic aspect of any Solar Eclipse is that it provides a gateway to opening your heart and letting yourself heal, listening to the voice of the Soul who needs to connect with you. This partial eclipse’s Soul Message is about releasing your powerlessness and embracing your power; releasing your fears and embracing your courage; realizing your vulnerable parts and healing them.

Lunar Eclipse

The mechanics of the Lunar Eclipse is that the Earth gets between the Earth and the Moon, stopping the light from the Sun to shine upon the moon.  The Moon doesn’t have light of its own, it only receives the light from the Sun and filters it to be sent to Earth.  Lunar Eclipses always happen on a Full Moon.  It becomes a magical yet somewhat alarming display when you watch the Full Moon disappearing before your eyes as the Earth is casting its shadow on it.  In a Full Lunar Eclipse the Earth stops the flow of light from the Sun to the Moon.  There by interrupting the energy flow from the Sun to the Moon.  The Moon becomes energetically quiet, and the Earth gets in its own way of receiving help from the Moon.  The spiritual and energetic significance of a Lunar Eclipse is the opportunity it presents for realizing how you get in your own way or make life difficult for yourself.  Once that awareness sets in, you can do something about it.

Does a Lunar Eclipse Help or Hinder You?

Eclipses are here to help us, however in the moment they may come across as doing the opposite!  A Lunar Eclipse may unfold as a disruption in your life, or on the world scene.  Yet, even when an eclipse has all the markings of a setback it brings the opportunity for positive change, Growth and Evolution at Personal and Global levels.

Please remember, while you gauge everything from your personal perspective, Eclipses Are Global Events!  They impact all creatures of earth and their consciousness as well as the consciousness of Mother Earth as an evolved physical body of matter, albeit a huge body, a Planetary Body.  The Planetary Body also needs to make changes, become aware of her clutter and unconscious mess, and clean it up in a timely manner.  Also, please remember the Planet Earth is the one responsible for all the souls and sentient and insentient creatures and their consciousness.  She holds the ultimate responsibility and burden to change things for the better.

The Lunar Eclipse of 7-7 and 7-8 of 2022

The spiritual and energetic implications of Lunar Eclipses are accepting and embracing change.  What is hidden in your subconscious comes to the conscious level.  The Lunar Eclipse of this November is about accepting and embracing the unexpected.  Given that this eclipse will cover the entire North American continent it remains to be seen what unexpected results might unfold.  The Full Lunar Eclipse happens at 4:09 am EST with the full eclipse happening at 5:16 am EST and completed by 6:41 am EST.

The Full Lunar Eclipse of November 2022 falls on the midterm election date. Coincidence?
Expect the unexpected!  So say the experts!

Enjoy the ride, it will continue to reveal new mysteries and its impact will continue on until the end of this year and beyond.

Final Thoughts

Both Lunar and Solar Eclipses, whether full or partial, are learning and healing curves that come with their own challenges.  We don’t need to add to the drama or trauma, we need to be mindful that we are going through an eclipse.  They have been happening all your life and you did not know that the eclipses were the cause of your discomfort, challenges, or sleepless nights.  Allow them to unfold and run their course. Remind yourself that they are here to help you even though it seems the opposite.

Please be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself time to process and don’t try to over analyze things especially in the weeks preceding and the days after each eclipse.  The energies will keep pouring down. The preceding times usually come with agitation and irritation, even physical discomfort.  During the following days and weeks you will find yourself reflecting on and analyzing what must be done about things.  Please remain nonjudgmental and kind to yourself.

Guilt and shame have no beneficial impact.  Positive thoughts and self-encouragements do!  Whatever the process, you can handle it.  You have done it all your life.  Now you are consciously aware and can appreciate their gifts and enjoy your growth and evolution in connection with your Soul.

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