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There are two components to starting or running any business.

  • The mechanics of the business, i.e., the expertise and skills needed, the team, location, furniture, rent or mortgage, utilities, salaries, wages and business professionals to run it, etc.
  • The knowledge, wisdom, beliefs and the conditions that are needed to develop and enhance personal growth and Development. There are elements that lead to maturity and add value. There is a process of transformation that every business owner or a career building individual goes through.

These two components are separate aspect of running a business and yet they are deeply intertwined. Knowing how to navigate these two components is vital. Having support, help and guidance enhances the process. Creating and building a business or a career with the required skills, in a timely manner with patience and perseverance can make or break a business or a career.

There is no doubt that the right spiritual business coaching can help at any level and at all aspects of any business or career. Indeed, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel when you can go to the experts in the field and benefit from the tried and tested methods they use. And fortunately, in this age of technology, YouTube and search engines do provide an opportunity to connect with such experts in the field of your choice.

You can easily choose from an amazing array of knowledge, wisdom, and skills available at your fingertips. You can choose the business coaches whose personality or energy you prefer since they have each varying styles of presentation but presenting the same information. Yet, there are some areas where you’d prefer to have the uniquely personal interactions and that wave of energy that comes with the right connection. That’s when something clicks and magic happens! Your coach’s energy and vibrations resonate with yours and you develop trust.

 When you find the right spiritual business coach, you’ll feel supported and encouraged and your self-confidence soars. Then you can use your precious time and energy in creating and manifesting your dreamed best-case-scenario, with help and encouragement. That peace of mind allows you to sleep better at night especially when faced with taking gigantic steps which leave you wondering if you really know what you are doing and whether you should be doing it!

I can only speak about the areas of support that I can provide for you. In this blog I attempt to bring you some examples. You may read more about the specifics of the Spiritual Business Coaching services and spiritual Life coaching I provide on our site.

Location, location, location!

spiritual business coaching building

There are so many decisions that go into starting or maintaining a successful and thriving business. One of those decisions which sometimes does not get any priority is location. Let me explain with an example that has baffled my mind for a while.

Have you ever thought whether the location of a business counts as important? I mean, important beyond the practical criteria that are normally considered in any such situations? Issues such as whether it’s the right size or shape and supports its purpose, has enough parking access, is visible and accessible, pleasant, airy, nice, clean, etc. I at suggesting issues that look deeper and relate to whether the energy of a place is conducive to the purpose for which it is used. I am talking about the energetics!

Not all spaces are created equal!

swing for a spiritual business coachingLet me give you an example. There’s a space on the main Street of the big town near where we live. This location has been used as a restaurant for at least the last 8 years. So good so far?  Well, the issue is that 5 different restaurants have called this spot their home for those 8 years. Even though they each had diverse offerings dissimilar to one another, none of them lasted long enough to make a difference or make money for the owners! They all were sufficient and served the purpose for a town this size and the traffic that goes through. I have been surprised and puzzled as to why none of them did well. So, I asked Divine Mother. She said, “this spot is not energetically conducive to being a restaurant.” The light bulbs went on inside my head. Divine Mother reminded me that Prana, the Life Force Energy, is concentrated in food and the space where food is cooked and served must have some basic energetic flow that would provide enough sustenance to people. Otherwise, it won’t work well, or last long!

Let me now relate that same issue of energetic harmony of a location with the purpose it serves and the people it serves in a different story where I was personally involved.

Birth of a new business

I took on a business coaching client who had just started her new business and signed a long-term lease for a large space that she was planning to fill with Health professionals and practitioners into an integrative health clinic, all under one roof.

Soul Harmony and Soul Contracts -The importance of the Soul Contracts we make before coming to this world and the concept of Soul Harmony. Together we discussed the importance of creating long lasting relationships where there was harmony between all the practitioners and staff. The practices were augmenting and complementing each other to whether the energies of all the practitioners and the staff were in harmony with each other at personal level and at Soul Level. Every new addition to her team was considered with energetic Soul Harmony and symbiotic relationships right from the start. A year or so later she was getting to a comfortable place, almost at capacity for filling the offices with practitioners and staff.

Location and the design of space- once again, just like the example of the restaurants there was a snag with the energy of the place. The design of that entire floor lacked comfortable and easy energy flow. She felt drained from working there and had no energy left to build her own practice and that was something that we needed to address. We went about creating an energy boosting Gem and Crystal Set to :

 1)  help her heal and protect herself.

 2) to empower herself to focus on growing her business and attracting money and abundance.

We also worked on moving her own practice to a different room where that Crystal and gem grid could magnify and accelerate the spread of healing energies and fill the whole space while keeping her protected.

By now, she was gaining greater skills in navigating the intricacies of all energetic situations. She was calling and receiving the guidance and feeling confident and at peace with all.

In the following few years, she began traveling and teaching her Integrative methodologies, and authored a book. She went on to move out of that space and together we worked on finding her a beautiful space, practically and energetically perfect for her practice.

spiritual business coaching book

Life is a journey!

It comes with twists and turns that adds knowledge, value, wisdom, and maturity when you allow it.

Your needs, desire, goals, and your outlook to life change as you navigate life and fulfill or abandon some dreams or wishes. That is all part of the journey. when you’re able to navigate through the life journey with the least scars and feel joy and fulfilment along the way, you have created a win-win for yourself. When completing a journey that entails a gigantic step such as starting and succeeding at a new business venture, please consider and research all options available including coaching help and consultancy services and resources. The right Spiritual Coaches and consultants who resonate with you and respect your values and ideals can become worthy co-travelers on your chosen path.

 The entire life experience and the end goal can be enhanced and improved when you remember to put yourself first. It is of vital importance that you give yourself a chance to get there safely, confidently and in a healthy and happy state of mind. Here’s to you and your heath and well being!

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