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We offer spiritual life coaching and business coaching services. Your coaching plan will be customized to your unique requirements.

Spiritual Life Coach Beginner

Spiritual Life Coaching for those building a successful life: This is for you if you care to build a life that is balanced in both the worldly and spiritual spheres.  As a highly evolved soul you come to this world with a Divine Mission. Survival and basic needs make up the preliminary requirements of any life, yet accomplishing your true purpose means you would become aware and act on your Soul Purpose and your Divine Mission. That becomes the ultimate achievement of your life. Remembering and acting on the mission you agreed to accomplish as a Divine Soul is the most important accomplishment of any life that is well lived.

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Spiritual life Coaching helps you weave and mesh together your desire to do good with your desire to achieve greater success and accomplishments. You will balance what you gain from the world by giving back to the world. You gain a deeper sense of Joy.  Spiritual laws and laws of nature are woven together when our world is in balance. You are the catalyst to bring that balance back to our world.


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Spiritual Life Coach Advanced

Spiritual Life Coaching for those who have already built a successful life and wish to explore the deeper spiritual aspect: This is for you if you have worked all your life pursuing success and accomplishments and now you are ready to go deeper: to connect with your Soul and Higher Self and serve your Divine Purpose and Soul Mission. If you want to use the knowledge, experience, wealth, and power that you have accrued to be of service and give back to the world this is where you belong.

Business Coach

Who would benefit from a Business Coaching Program?

Our Business Coaching Program will focus on your business or career, at whatever stage you may be. You would benefit from a business coaching program if,

A) You are about to start or have just started forming your business or career. To begin your business from a solid foundation both the worldly as well as the spiritual aspects need to be considered as equally important. The multi facets of your business may include:

1- The people you choose to build your business relationships with.
2- The type of business you are potentially getting into.
3- The location and logistics of the business.
All the above and many more areas can all be discussed and explored to your advantage.


B) You are already involved in a business venture or have made a career choice in an existing business and wish to:

1- improve and accelerate in your existing environment.

2- change direction and broaden your horizon.

In either of these two cases (A or B) the opportunities that may be on the horizon but beyond your own immediate purview will be brought to your attention for further discussion and decision making. You have the power to impact and determine your own reality. When you are privy to all the possibilities- even those that may not seem within reach- you have a much better chance at choosing on the best case scenarios.

Our business coaching program focuses on successful business outcomes and relationships. You are a Divine Soul with a Divine Purpose. A working career that considers both your Sublime needs- the desires of your Soul- and your Mundane needs- your personal desires- is a win-win. The sooner you incorporate both these aspects, the faster it bears results in a wholesome way.

Your Soul can be a huge influence in helping you find and do what you love. That influence can even turn a career you dislike to one that you love and enjoy. Then your work will love you back by giving you all you desire and dream of. It’s only a matter of knowing how to do it and choosing to apply that knowledge to find your success and Joy. You can read more about this our blog post: spiritual business coaching.

The fee for Business Coaching starts at a base rate of $3500 per month with 4 months min recommended. The fee increases based on the size and specs of the business and for the number of individuals who’d receive coaching.

Working with Nasrin was truly life-changing for me and my business. I learned so much about the powerful connection between my own spiritual growth and the growth of my business.


With Nasrin’s guidance, I gained a deeper understanding of the energetic principles that underlie my business and how to use them.The impact of this was truly remarkable. With each new hire, I felt a renewed sense of purpose and clarity in my work. The team that we created was in perfect alignment with my goals and values, and I saw a significant increase in the impact that my business was having.


Thanks to Nasrin’s guidance and the transformational work we did together, I was able to move my business to a new location and redirect my energies towards promoting my new DNA book through Europe, America, and across the globe. This was a significant milestone in my business journey, and I couldn’t have done it without Nasrin’s support and expertise. If you’re looking to align your business with your values, grow personally and spiritually, and create a space where you can share your message with the world, Nasrin is the person to work with.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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We offer a 100% money back guarantee. With this guarantee, you can be sure that your purchase will meet or exceed your expectations – or your money back!

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