Stand In Your Power and Change the World!

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Our world is shifting rapidly, heading in a direction that demands not only change, but a big shift in power that makes change inevitable. I must admit, there is an unreal feel to the whole scene unfolding before the worldly stage. It resembles more like a nightmare we can’t wait to wake up from – one minute we are minding our own business –albeit our dirty business – the next minute some crazy guy is threatening to nuke us all.

If it wasn’t a matter of life and death I would say, it has the feel of a circus to it; and I don’t mean the beautiful Cirque du Soleil type of ephemeral magic with beautiful silk clad ballerinas doing acrobatics on unicorns. This one is a bit on the macabre side of things.

Women are the Heroes

The heroes on this world stage are women, though they are not silk clad and their beauty shines on what they are doing to change our world with the power of their will. Women are spearheading change that will ripple through our world to shift our reality in unexpected ways.

Women shed light on issues in separate parts of the world: Sovereignty over our bodies in the Roe vs Wade debacle, mothers against violence – getting guns out of schools and off the streets, “the Me Too movement” that has the support of not only women but also men participating across the globe, and Iranian women demanding their rights from the 43 year old dictatorship which has remained in power by killing the people who dare to complain. Its demise may be near because women won’t give up, despite being killed in droves and more women around the globe unite to support each other’s cause.

One clear universal theme emerges: standing in one’s own personal and collective power and mastering the desired change. An example where this theme is staged before the whole world is Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are the present-day Davids fighting with the giant Goliath of Russia. Their belief in their sovereignty and power may end up disabling the whole Russian regime.

Then there is the threat of China invading Taiwan, who are the biggest mass producers of microchips which are used in every gadget imaginable from your smart phones, smart watches, computers, to your cars, and much more. The Chinese takeover of Taiwan would cripple the whole world economy with further shortage of goods. The Taiwanese are scratching their heads wondering who they want to be when they grow up. They could choose to be powerless and stateless like the people of Hong Kong after the Chinese takeover or victorious and sovereign like the people of Ukraine. The Ukraine’s are now who, empowered by their victory are now reclaiming Crimea, the territory they lost in 2014.

The Choices Made at Soul Level

As human souls before we are born into human bodies we make a series of choices such as: the moment of birth, biological parents, siblings, the circumstances in which we can be of service, and the lessons we can learn during that specific time period. We are all here now witnessing things unfold in rapid fire succession around us and wondering about questions like these:
What’s all this?
Why am I here?
Why is this happening now?
Why do we have to suffer through all this?
What is the lesson?
Whatever the lesson, let me learn it and be done so I can go back to an easier life, quickly!

Like it or not, we are here now and we have to stand in our power demanding change. A world filled with peace and harmony can only start with each of us empowering ourselves to change for the better. The power to change is within us. We can Will it to manifest.

How to Manifest the Power Within?

When you want something so bad what do you do?
You go about finding how to get it! Right?
Let’s learn from kids – when they want something what do they do?
If it’s within reach they might stretch their arms and grab it. Younger ones who can’t’ yet walk would crawl up to a toy as fast as their little bodies will allow them to with intense focus on the toy regardless of their limitations. The older children who are able to stand up and demand from their parents or whoever will listen to them and heed their demand. One 3 1/2 year old girl managed to order a toy from Amazon. When it arrived mom and dad scratched their heads wondering. It was the little girl who let the cat out of the bag saying, “I ordered it!” Small children have no notion of fear, hardship or disempowerment. They focus on the end goal and they achieve it.

What Do We Learn From Small Children?

That the power to make a change is within us. We just have to Will it to manifest. The power to end global warming and the tools to do it are available to us. We just have to Will ourselves as citizens of a global nation and get it done. The power to end wars, disarm nuclear weapons, treat each other with dignity and rise above gender, race, class etc. is within our reach we just have to stretch our arms and hold each other in an endless embrace that emanate love, compassion, camaraderie , and all the other qualities that make us human beings.

So, what does standing in your own power and demanding change look like to you?
Let’s ponder on that. If you know it then go for it! All the more power to ya! Take charge and get to wherever you desire. You deserve to go to the heights and you certainly belong there. Meantime here’s a checklist. Add it to your own will- Power toolbox and take it for a spin. If nothing else it may affirm, or hopefully accelerate you.

How to Stand in Your Power and Change the World

Start with a list of items or events you wish to manifest. For your first spin choose the one that feels the most real to you. You can tell which is the most real when
You don’t have any fears over it.
You can visualize or imagine it clearly without doubt or concern
You can imagine all parts of it from its conception to realization easily and in great detail.

Fear, doubt and worry ruin everything. They are disempowering rather than empowering. You’d want to be like the child who just sees the toy and will do anything to get it. Children have not had the taste of fear or failure. These destructive elements don’t stand in their way.

Knowing exactly what you want and being able to see the sequence of events leading to it is also the key. As the saying goes you can’t hit a target if you don’t have one! Know what you want and visualize it unfolding step by step into manifest form. Do this preferably multiple times a day and night in the same exact sequence. You’ve probably heard professional and Olympic athletes talk about their meditation sequences where they visualize themselves winning the race or the match with exact details from start to finish, where they kiss their medals or go through the finish line.

Think of all the elements that need to come together and summon them to be present for manifestation. All the steps and how to go about pulling it all together needs to be etched in your psyche in great detail as if it is actually happening before your eyes in panoramic 3D colors.

Imagine a magnetic force field forming around the object or event. It is emanating a beautiful light in your favorite color. That colored force-field will draw the final goal into your reality and deliver it into your hand and your life at the right time and the right place.

Imagine yourself having the Power to manifest the object or event as if it’s a child’s game. You have the Will to do it, you have the Power to do it, and you have already done it. You just have to wait for time to catch up and show your victorious results to the world.

Repetition is the final key. Keep repeating the entire manifestation steps seeing the scene where the event falls exactly into place. The outcome is within your reach and unfolds in your life just the way you want it. Repeat it over and over again as many times as it takes until you have it manifest.

Once you manifested one positive result you become like the Ukrainian people. You will realize you have the power to do even more. Then you can go after bigger goals. Maybe goals that benefit our world and lots of other people.

With each accomplishment your fears dissipate, your self-confidence soars, and your power increases. Your ability to envision all the elements that need to come together to construct the environ in which the desired object or event can manifest gets stronger. Your skills to attract the magnetic force field to wrap around your desired object or event gets fine-tuned and magnified.

Voila! Now you have the magic wand and you can really go to work at changing our world to be a better place.

If each of us could stretch our arms, muster the Will, and demand the Universe to grant us the Power and the skills to do good then we wouldn’t even need to worry about the bigger things. Because the bigger issues get resolved when each of us in our own small way do our best for ourselves, for others, for earth and all souls, and most importantly for the future generations who will take over from us.

If we each do our part to make our world a better place it would be just that, a better place!

Until then, how about we do our part and a bit more? Maybe to pick up slack for those who are missing in action, or those who are intent on self-sabotage, or even those who can only think of their own personal interest at the cost of Earth and all creatures. We can pray and set intentions and petitions for a better world (see blog post and we can constantly envision the best outcome as our ultimate reality. Because we are here and we are intent on the best result and put our will power to manifest it and with a bit of gumption and a lot of tools – the visualizations, the determination, the magnetic force field, the light, the power, the will and all that- the rest of the world will end up having to align with us. That is a component of the Law of Attraction. All things are attracted to the magnetic field created by the prevalent Power!

We are the prevalent power.

This world is a construct of our Will.

Together we can make our world a better place.

We just have to Will it to happen!

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