The Golden Age of Aquarius and The Dawning of Feminine Power

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You might have been reading and hearing different things on the topic of the Age of Aquarius – the Paradigm Shift and our entry into the age of Aquarius, the New Golden age that has been prophesied and seems to be the latest buzz.
There are other phrases related to that topic that seem to be thrown around a lot like “The Golden Age”. The dark age of Kali Yuga and the pending Paradigm Shift that is expected to happen with moving into the age of Aquarius and all that!

And lately you may have been reading about or seeing the activism of women and possibly/hopefully participating in the movements that are triggered by women across the globe.
Then there is the less widely known world of The Divine Feminine and the role they play during this upcoming Golden Age of Aquarius in raising our awareness to our true purpose in life. Their role in helping us hear the voice of our souls, guiding us to actions and decisions that accomplish our Soul Purpose and Mission through their grace and in their light.

In case you were wondering, “how do all these topics relate to me in my life and what would I want to do with them anyway? And what’s this Divine Feminine business? It seems so New Agey and so frou-frou I can’t seem to see the relevance?!!”
I hope this information will be able to connect the dots for you, if you’d bear with me and read through the following.

The Age of Aquarius

The age of Aquarius symbol is the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. While each sign of the zodiac has a 30 day time period to complete one year, the Age of Aquarius has a 2,160 year time period to complete its cycle. This is the time it takes for the earth and the sun, actually the whole solar system, to make a rotation around the center of the galaxy. The mystical and esoteric teachings have known since ancient times that The Void is the center of our existence: “from nothing we have come and to nothing we shall return.” Scientific discovery now puts the center of the galaxy smack dab in the middle of a black hole. Today the black hole is the representation of the ancient concept of The Void. Science deals with the mechanics of it while mystical teachings deal with the essence. More on The Void and the black hole in another blog, coming soon!
It takes approximately 26,000 years for a grand cycle where all the 12 signs of the zodiac get a go around, 12 x 2160= 25,920. That’s the equivalent of a one year rotation of the solar system around the galaxy. The 26,000 year grand cycle is much prophesied by the Mayans and emphasized in the new age teachings.

The Quality of the Age of Aquarius

Expanded consciousness, increased harmony in society and culture, cooperation, teamwork, and recognition of all people as Citizens of the One World high standards in moral and spiritual behavior are the main themes. Humanity will take control of their excesses and revert to guardianship of Earth and all creation. Spiritual awareness through personal growth and development soars, but organized religion won’t have traction.
The actual time frame for the dawning of the age of Aquarius seems to vary, dating back to the last century. We won’t split hairs about the exact timing. After all, what is a few years between friends when you are talking about 2000+ years? Let’s face it, we would much rather get the heck out of the age of Pisces and into the age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces wasn’t our proudest timeline and there isn’t much to write home about it, to be honest!

The Paradigm Shift

It has to do with shifting out of the old rotten, corrupt energy of the Age of Pisces and ending the sovereignty of the male of the species over all races and genders. The new age of Aquarius is the balancer of the energies even at the level where the masculine and feminine polarities can have mutual acceptance and respect. We need a nudge, a leg up to get out of our misery into our joy.
The Role of the Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine enters the scene with their benevolent intentions to provide the leg up. They intercede on behalf of humankind and all creation. The Divine Feminine facilitates the shift through the feminine polarity – as in the female of the species. Understandably, but regrettably men in positions of power are comfortable and happy with the status quo. They have little incentive to change or let The Divine Feminine in and even less to let the women in. The wave of change will take everyone by surprise. Truth is, women have been much more receptive to change and improvements, especially in the personal and spiritual arenas. The ratio of women to men attending personal and spiritual-themed classes is something around 4 to 1. Peek through the window of any yoga, pilates, or meditation class and you can see for yourself.

The Golden Age

The reference to the Golden Age comes from the Greek, who divide the ages into four phases, each one denoting a metal. It starts with The Iron Age, the densest of the metals and proceeds to Bronze, then Silver, and finally The Golden Age. We are moving into the next Golden Age – The Golden Age of Aquarius.

Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga

The Puranas, considered the most ancient scriptures, also divide the ages into four phases. The dark age of Kali Yuga is going to give way to the pure light of Satya Yuga, the age of wisdom. All the teachings from various cultures and doctrines seem to speak the same truth about our position at this juncture in our history.

“You have been telling people that this is the eleventh Hour,
Now you must go back and tell them that
Arizona Hopi nations, year 2000

How You Can Change Our World and Bring on The Paradigm Shift

A major event such as a Paradigm Shift requires everyone’s participation. Here are some ways you might add your unique signature energy to push things forward and pin the positive changes into our reality faster.

**Keep abreast of the information and research the relevant concepts and ideas about the Paradigm Shift that interest you.
**Teach it to loved ones, friends, and associates. Help them understand the enormity of this shift and join the cause. Explain the significance of what is unfolding and how they can participate.
**Do your part one step at a time, one person at a time without any expectation or agenda.
**Share the materials that interest or move you with everyone; materials that interest you, are pulled to    your energy field, and would likely align with the energy fields of those who are of like mind with you.
**Stay detached and help others, stay detached.

          a) stay detached from the outcome of the events that unfold around you and in the world.
          b) stay detached from the outcome of your own efforts and how it is received.

**Maintain your cool and stay neutral as things unfold even when you feel things are getting worse. It is inevitable that the worst comes up so it all can get cleared. Whether that clearing is related to Mother **Earth purifying herself through natural disasters or people acting up their stuff so they can be relieved of it.
**Don’t give in to fear, pain, negativity, or hopelessness.
**Don’t give up! It is easy to give up in the face of all the imbalance, violence, war, deception, corruption, or circumstances which may be outside your purview.
**Call on The Divine Feminine entourage and their light for their grace and guidance. Ask them for    protection and guidance for yourself, your loved ones, and the whole world.

WE are the awakened ones with an understanding of the circumstances. We have a goal and a target to shoot for. If we don’t do it, who would?

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