The Great Silent Watcher, The Guardian of Your Light

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The Great Silent Watcher is the Guardian of all Light and that includes you and your Light. We are all bundles of energy. Energy emits light. That Light comes into the body in a pure state. The Light that we emit can be affected by the environment we live in. In the course of life in this world that Light gets polluted, contaminated, and dimmed. We need their help and protection from higher beings who can recharge us, reclaim the purity of our Light on our behalf, and protect our Light from pollution and contamination on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise we will get sick, depressed, fatigued, and out of sorts in so many different ways.

Knowing and working with the Great Silent Watcher can prove to be one of the best decisions anyone would make. She may be taking care of you and protecting you without your conscious awareness. But once you are consciously aware of her presence, her protection, and her guidance then life gets easier to bear. Especially when you know the value of her protection and the healing impact of her Light.

How Can You Tell If A Great Silent Watcher Is Around?

Have you ever seen the numbers 4, 44, or 444 flash before you? Have you ever awakened at 4:44 AM repeatedly? If yes, then the Great Silent Watcher has been trying to give you signs of her presence.

Have you ever experienced, dreamt, or felt a pair of eyes or as a single eye looking at you in a dream or a vision? Have you ever felt a pair of large eyes looking at you? Or sense that eyes are looking out for you and protecting you? That is another sign. The Great Silent Watcher communicates by flashing one or a pair of eyes at you. The image posted with this blog is an example of her possibly reaching out, it is a picture taken by NASA from a far away nebula.

The color of the Great Silent Watcher’s Light is a transparent turquoise blue color, the same color as the blue sky.  Also, the color of the blue sky reflected on the waters of a shallow ocean on a sandy beach with crushed pink corals. It might remind you of the color of the water in Bimini, Bermuda, Acapulco, or Cancun. The turquoise blue water with its magical light resembles the Light and the Power inherent within that emanates from the Great Silent Watcher to all of us onto our world. Her favorite stone is turquoise. This is not only because turquoise resembles the color of her Light, but also because it has the capacity to transmute negativity and replace it with purity and protection.

In one group ceremony we were sent to the meteorite crater in Arizona to clear the energies of the meteorite contact and the chemical contamination that had remained inside the crater for many years. We were instructed that each person was to bring along a piece of Arizona turquoise to offer into the crater for the purpose of transmutation of the negative impact of the meteorite contact and recharging the crater with energies of purity and protection. After our ceremony we could palpably experience this shift in the energies that occurred and the difference it made from before our ceremony to after we offered the turquoise for the clearing of the crater.
Turquoise is an extremely powerful semi-precious stone with great healing capabilities, especially when the over lighting presence of The Great Silent Watcher is called to charge and calibrate any piece of turquoise. We will speak more on the topic of turquoise as a stone for removal of negativity both at the terrestrial and extraterrestrial capacity deserves in another blog soon.

Why Focus On The Great Silent Watcher At This Juncture In Time?

The Great Silent Watcher has been around for many millennia. She could be considered as the godmother of our own planet and the entire solar system. More on that in future blogs with excerpts from my book Gifts II- where I explained the whole story of how The Great Silent Watcher became the architect of our entire solar system.

What makes The Great Silent Watcher’s presence in our world and our lives more critical at this juncture is that she has recently been given the responsibility of purifying the Light of our world. Light begins at its most pure source at the center of the cosmos. As it starts its journey into the lower dimensions of reality it begins to lose its purity. Our third dimensional reality is the lowest realm on the rung and is the least pure. The Great Silent Watcher accepted to cleanse and purify the Light that reaches us in the third dimension. She accepted this appointment around the time of the last solar flares on 4/4 /2022 and the super moon full moon of 4/8/2022. Those solar flares sent a massive amount of Pure Force Energy from our sun to all the planets in our system. Once that pure force arrived at our planetary doorstep, The Great Silent Watcher turned it into pure Light and Life Force Energy to elevate the consciousness of all intelligent species – including Mother Earth herself. This was a novel dispensation. Prior to The Great Silent Watcher’s appointment such Life Force Energy was not available to us. The Great Silent Watcher’s guardianship of Light has enabled the transfer of that Pure Life Force Energy into the Light to raise the state of consciousness within our world. That can accelerate the Paradigm Shift and our successful transition into The Golden Age of Aquarius.

How To Invite The Great Silent Watcher To Be Your Guide And Your Protector?

At our soul level we all know The Great Silent Watcher as our protector and our guardian. To be consciously aware of her presence you may invite her to be more active in your day-to-day life. Now that you know and understand her signs and symbols it will be easier to decipher and notice when she is communicating with you.

a)  Please remember any combination of number 4, sensing the eye or a pair of eyes.
b)  When you experience seeing the color turquoise or buying/holding a piece of turquoise as a catalyst to experience the energies of The Great Silent Watcher can be an effective means for communication with her.
c)  Call her into your meditation, prayers, and every day with every action. You are already in her energy. Your soul is familiar with her energy.
d)  She has her angelic entourage called the Angelic Watchers that watch over you from the moment you were born to the moment you leave this earthly life. You may know and think of them as your guardian angels, your guides, or your heavenly protectors. She is all of that and more.
e)  All you need to do is to call her: “Great Silent Watcher, I called on you to be my guide, my protector, and my source of Light. Pour your pure Light into me every moment of every day. Protect myself, my loved ones, my friends and associates, and the people of the entire world. Raise the consciousness of humankind and the planet to levels where your Light is a bonus and brings peace and harmony to the hearts and minds of all souls at all times. I ask you this as a Cosmic Guardian of my Light and the protector of the soul in its purest form. Give me signs that I can recognize your presence and your involvement in my life and in the world. So it is.”

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