The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Rose for the divine feminine

At this present juncture in Earth’s history, the time for the return of the Divine feminine has arrived. The Divine feminine can be explained as the ultimate creative force.

Everything in creation depends on the creative force for its existence. Without the creative force, nothing manifests. It stays as pure Light, pure energy in non-form- ethereal energy or spirit.

This powerful creative force is now taking form to manifest in our reality. The time for the transition from masculine to feminine has arrived. Some describe this New Age we are entering- the Age of Aquarius- as the rein of the Divine feminine.


Matter is contained within the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.) These five elements are the building blocks of life in all its forms and manifestation.  

Ideally, the divine feminine and the divine masculine combine their energies and shine their light upon our world to create all matter from their light and their energy. That matter takes form to become our manifest world.

Both femininity and masculinity are the essences within all men and women as well as all males and females of all species. They are the yin and yang or the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine. Together they bind our world and hold our mother earth together. 

Sometimes, our world falls out of balance. Then one of the two, either the masculine or the feminine becomes more prevalent. This becomes more evident at certain points in our mother earth’s evolution.


At this present juncture, we are at the point where the Divine masculine reign is ending and giving way for the return of the Divine feminine and a new way of life. In this way of life, the sacred feminine energies flow and unite all bodies of matter.

Human beings will now experience the energy vibration of the Divine Feminine. Regardless of whether you are born in a male body or a female body, you are now exposed to the energy of the Feminine creative force.

Much of the havoc and mayhem that our world is going through right now has to do with the resistance that is exerted in defiance of this profound paradigm shift.

It is a subtle and gradual, yet life-changing transition in that the feminine template will now be replacing the old masculine template. The masculine has reigned for thousands of years.

This has nothing to do with gender differences, preferences, or which gender is better or does a better job. It has to do with the shift in the polarity of Earth and all dimensions. It relates to a 26,000+ year cycle that our planet earth and the entire solar system are a part of!


The transition is not always smooth as evident by the current events unfolding in our world: global warming, wars over sovereignty, fight for women’s rights in all fields including reproductive, gender and identity battles, and racial tensions to name a few. Finding a balance between the two may become difficult as the Divine Feminine begins to reign


Generally, the physical reality and physical focus are the domain of the masculine and male energies. They follow that as a general norm. On the other hand, non-form, non-physical (not bound by only matter but also abiding by instinct and intuition and other-worldly focus or spiritual focus) is the domain of the feminine. Spiritual practices can help you embrace the sacred feminine within you. 


The Divine feminine can activate the divine energy within both men and women and become the sacred feminine archetype, creating secret space in all parts of mother earth. As the divine masculine begins honoring the sacred feminine light, both the masculine and feminine energies are elevated. The Divine Feminine helps you find your purpose and what your Soul and Higher Self have designed for you. This path brings greater joy and peace to your life.


The Divine feminine embodies the light of our present age, known as the New Age. The feminine and Divine energies pouring down upon us in this New Age contain healing powers that will relieve pain and struggle from our bodies and from the body of mother earth.

Divine feminine spirituality focuses on spiritual alignment–that is working with your instinct, your purpose in life, being aware of all aspects of creation and all creatures, and exercising compassion and love. Sacred Feminine power is about what lies beyond the physical. It’s an experience of a greater expansive reality where pain and struggle no longer exist.

By removing the constrictions and limitations of this reality, we may experience the natural flow and rhythm of life through nature and sacred space. We become energized with the creative flow from the divine feminine, who empowers us to release pain and struggle while restoring peace and harmony. Spiritual alignment is the specialty of the Divine Feminine. 


To awaken and connect with the Divine feminine you may choose to familiarize yourself with the Divine feminine deities as well as spiritual teachers and living masters who work with the Divine feminine. Divine Mother is the universal embodiment of all female archetypes and deities.

Deepak Chopra is one of the pioneers who spoke of God in the form of Divine feminine and Divine Mother as the embodiment of the Divine feminine energies. When you spend time in the sublime energies of Divine Mother, you can feel the pure love of the Divine feminine and the healing power of her love.

If you are interested in finding living spiritual masters see below. You may be drawn to a different female deity or male master who works with Divine mother energies. True masters are in tune with Divine Mother and promote the Divine feminine light on Mother Earth. Here are some of my favorites:

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