The Solar Eclipse of April 2024 and Its Huge Impact

what to expect during a lunar eclipse 2024

We began the Month of March 2024, celebrating Shivaratri Festival, which culminated on March 8th when Lord Shiva’s blessing poured down to Earth and all Souls. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of karma and the most significant male deity of the Ancient Vedic scriptures. He has the power to create as well as to destroy when needed.

Spring Equinox on March 19th is the second major event of March 2024. Spring is universally celebrated as new life begins to pop up in nature and Mother Earth blesses all of us with new Life Force Energy.

The Total Solar Eclipse of April 8th becomes the culmination of the energies. It accelerates our growth and evolution by bringing to the surface what has been hidden- or eclipsed- from our view. It is the harbinger of things that need to be revealed in our personal lives and globally. It accelerates us by helping us release things that get in the way of our growth.

Numerology of 4/8/24 Eclipse And he Year 2024 Coincide

You may have noticed that number 8 seems to be recurring. As explained in the blog: 2024 The year for quantum leap numbers 4 and 8 will keep appearing during 2024 and the digits of the year add up to 8 or two 4s. The eclipse falls on 4/8/2024 clearly representing those same numbers. It shares the same qualities in numbers 4 (building a solid foundation) and number 8 (becoming victorious in conquering the elements.)

Earth will experience a shift of significant measure before, during, and after the Total Solar Eclipse that will dramatically impact all of us. A significant portion of Earth’s most populated areas, including us, in America, will see it firsthand. This will make it even more impactful for us in the US.

Think of it in this way: if you hear that a rainstorm is coming to FL and you live there, you will take different precautions than someone who lives far away because it doesn’t affect them the same way. While every soul and creature will be impacted by a Total Eclipse at global level, people in North America and countries that are directly on its path will feel it with much greater ENERGETIC intensity than those in other parts of the world. It is aimed more poignantly at the people and the lands that are in its path.

It is important to be aware of and make a conscious connection with these important transitional events and prepare for them early. A huge shift is unfolding. It will impact the nature and substance of our Reality. Every one of us, as awakened and empowered souls, can be instrumental in the outcome. We can choose to play a major role in forging a New Reality that will best serve all Souls and restore our planet to a healthy and wholesome version of its-Self.

How to Make Our Present Reality Better

Our present reality is Polluted physically- with global warming, carbon emissions, chemical waste, polluted waters, lands, and air. Our reality is also polluted mentally and emotionally- with greed, selfishness, lack of: integrity, truth, trust, or honor. Our reality is deeply scarred by discrimination and prejudice which instills immense uncertainty and FEAR!

It is inevitable that our Reality must shift dramatically, or disintegrate and be replaced with a new, better, version. At its present state our Reality is fragile, unstable, and non-sustainable. Our job is to remain aware of this situation and to support our Reality to shift, gently and sustainably, back to a stable position.

  • We can do this with the help of our friends in the Higher Realms, who have awakened and enlightened us to be the perfect candidates for fixing things on such occasions. They continue to give us support and guidance to serve our world. We will be the catalyst for much needed change and it helps to recognize the significance of our role. We can choose remain aware and consciously welcome the Pouring down of these energies that have already begun. Energetic Anchoring may take a couple of weeks beyond the date of the eclipse- we can target 4/24/24 as our completion deadline- The numerology of that date adds up to 9 which is Sanat Kumara and Divine Mother’s Sacred number. The specific quality of 9 is to bring a task to its completion. Here is what we can do:
  • Consciously directing and transmitting the energies that benefit us and the world.
  • Focusing on this major event and making it our priority from now until after the portal of this eclipse closes on 4/24/24.
  • Stay grounded and hold space for the Beings of Light to heal our planet and bring about the best-case scenario for the perfect Reality to unfold.
  • Set aside our human/worldly issues- even when they seem big and daunting- until the dust settles by around 4/24/24, two weeks after the portal of the eclipse. Then we can safely go about our life knowing we have done everything in our power to serve and help.
  • We Focus on the scenario where Our new Reality saves/heals Earth and benefits us and the future generations in a Safe, wholesome, healthy, and benevolent way.

The Universe Is Helping Us

The universe is offering us an opportunity, primed with natural solutions that can shift things in the right direction. A Total Solar Eclipse result in immense shifting of energy. Its impact intensifies in the areas located on its path. The energy of this eclipse zooms in on us, in the United States.  Its coverage extends to both continents of North and South America, which constitute the Western Hemisphere. This is a large-scale event.

The energies of this Total Eclipse, is distributed by the Magnetic Force Field of Earth to spread to the North and South Poles, thereby impacting the rest of the world, even those parts which are far away from its path. Given its totality and its global coverage, we can expect huge shifts and changes for our entire world, all Souls and species.

This Solar Eclipse is Especially Important

Here are the reasons why:

  • It is a total Solar Eclipse- the Moon will cover the entire Disc of the Sun obstructing it from our view. This indicates that things that were deeply hidden will have to be revealed, released, and disposed of, if they no longer serve.
  • The Eclipse will cross over the USA, with the path of totality covering many states from Southwest to Northeast of the US. See map link. It is specifically impacting people, places and things on its path and most of America is on its path…Is it a coincidence that it happens on a controversial election year?
  • The next Total Eclipse of this nature will be another 20 years, in 2044! If we do whatever it takes to successfully complete the task this time around, we have a chance to reap the harvest for the next 20 years!
  • Mother Earth and our entire Solar System are involved in our growth and evolution. They have a plan for securing and stabilizing our Reality to provide us with a safe and stable environment for us to live and thrive in. We can play an important role by envisioning the best case scenario to unfold for us and our world.

What to Do or Not Do, Before, During and After this Solar Eclipse

We already have two blogs about eclipses and a to do/not do  list. For a complete list please read the blogs What to expect from the Frist Solar Eclipse of 2023.”

For further information on eclipses, you may read our second blog on this topic called,How to harvest the benefits after the Solar Eclipse.”

The above two blogs and the provided list help you with some important pointers and explains the concepts in greater detail.

What Role can you play in the success of this transition?

In addition to the suggestions that are provided in the previous blogs, here are some points that are relevant to this particular eclipse:

As Awakened Souls, we play an important role in receiving and transmitting the energies as they pour down. We serve our world and help to raise the consciousness of all species and Mother Earth.  These new energies will empower us in our own lives and give us a perfect opportunity to serve at an immensely important level.

  • please start praying for everything you desire personally and globally. Keep visualizing that the outcome of the energy exchange from the Solar Eclipse is successful, and you have done your part above and beyond all expectations.
  • Please don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep yourself disengaged from the disappointments and weariness of the current global events. Don’t get distracted with annoyances at any level, even over family or personal stuff. Please stay grounded in knowing that much more is transpiring through you. It may be unclear to you – but it’s importance remains valid and real.
  • The ability to stay focused on the big picture, and your willingness to ride the tide is a great asset at this juncture. It allows our beloved Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine and all Beings of Light, Guides and Guardians, to be supported by you. They can pour down huge quotients of Light upon you to transmit to earth and all creatures and to make our world a safer and more stable place for the future generations.
  • This is a once in a lifetime chance to participate in something that impacts the trajectory of our lives for generations to come and affects the future of earth to move in a healthier direction.
  • Please be gentle with yourself as you anchor these energies and know that whatever you are going through has a purpose. It has been directed by Divine Mother and Beings of Light to complete an important Divine Purpose through YOU.
  • WILL it to happen with the best possible outcome above expectation and beyond any limitations for you and for the world.
  • Don’t be alarmed If you feel fatigue, or rushes of energies. You are instrumental in the anchoring of the energies that this Total Solar Eclipse brings and you are meant to participate in serving its Divine purpose.
  • Please remember that you are not alone and what you experience is not personal but global. Surrender to the energies and remember this is a transitory state which will be easier to withstand if you don’t resist, struggle or blame yourself for the way you feel.
  • Please Call on Great Silent Watcher, the guardian of all Light that pours onto our planet at all major events to direct the appropriate Light for your growth and for your service. Call on her to protect you as you receive and transmit the energies that our world needs at this juncture. Call on her to enable you to make all the changes that you need to be elevated in accomplishing your own Soul Mission above and beyond any limitations and at the Highest levels.
  • Make a point of Calling on her or on whomever is your chosen spiritual guide/deity during your daily prayers and meditations. Ask them for all you need and want. Also ask them to elevate you above and beyond all expectations and limitations to accomplish your Higher Purpose.
  • Let’s come together to call on our own Highr Selves and our Guides as well as Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine beings of Light to help us receive the Highest benefits and serve to the highest degree before, during and after this event.

Which Signs of The Zodiac Are Most Affected by This Solar Eclipse?

This Total Eclipse tends to impact all zodiacal signs, because it is more intense as a total eclipse and not a partial one. However, the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are most affected by this eclipse in their personal lives as well as globally.


  1. This was so helpful to know what we are feeling is real. Thank you Nasrin & Jim for all you do to keep us aligned for these most amazing times! Blessings for all you do and I am so very grateful to know your work for many, many years!! And many more to come…Here’s to the Age of Aquarius and Our Total Ascension in the Light!! ~Jacqui

  2. Thank you dearest Nasrin and Jim for this amazing journey’s support. Thank you so much for clarifying this shift. I have learned and shifted so amazingly in the course of this transition. Can not thank you enough. Bless all you do for us and may abundance and wisdom and health be always with you. Happy Navaratri 🤍🌿🪽🌹

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