Turquoise Cocoon of Empowerment & The Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron

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This Blog is about experiencing an expansive state of awareness where all things are possible. That includes some things that seem impossible from our perspective in this reality. Sacred Geometry and Star Tetrahedron are the star attractions in this blog.

They shine their Light when connecting with your Light Body which becomes your Vehicle of Light, to let you explore unlimited and unexplored territories. Once your awareness is awakened, then gradually your consciousness expands beyond the ordinary limits of this reality and you can soar and explore!

The Significance of Sacred Geometries

 Everything in creation is made of geometric patterns. Everything from the DNA inside your body to your organs and bones to the invisible Energy Layers which surround your physical body have Geometries. These Geometries come together to encompass your   Whole-Body Unit.

 What makes geometry sacred is the vibrational frequency of the Light that it emits, the ways in which that Light interacts with our reality, and the ways that it elevates our reality. This translates to the understanding that the Layers of your Energy Bodies are structured in the form of Sacred Geometries serving their specific purpose. The Knowledge of Sacred Geometries and their specific qualities have been kept as secrets, only to be disseminated to members of Mystery schools.

Sacred Geometries have been the blueprints that bring our reality into existence and keep all things pure and true to the original plan intended for them when Spirit ruled our reality and all Souls understood its significance. More on Sacred geometry here: https://destinationdeluxe.com/sacred-geometry-explained-healing-benefits/#

What is a Star Tetrahedron

Seen on paper a Star Tetrahedron It looks like a six pointed Star.

urquoise Blue Cocoon of Empowerment meditation course

The 3Dimentional version of a Star Tetrahedron is made of two interlocking 3D triangle which merge into each other making an 8-pointed star.


8-pointed Star or Star Tetrahedron- is an extremely powerful tool. It is a sacred geometry which emits Light and vibration which can redirect energy and focus it on accomplishing higher purpose/mission in life- doing 5th Dimensional things while still in 3-Dimensional body.

Manifestation happens much faster in the Higher dimensions even in the 5th.  What would be considered extraordinary in our reality is normal occurance from the 5D perspective. It can change the course of events for the better real fast. Once established, the Energy and vibration of a Star Tetrahedron can do a great deal to enhance, to energize, and to empower you.

The Mechanics of a Star Tetrahedron.

 The two triangular stars merge into each other to form the Star Tetrahedron. One triangular star is pointing upward- bringing energy from Earth to the heavens above.  The other one is pointing downward- bringing energy from the heavens above and anchoring it to Earth Plane. The one pointing upward represents your male aspect and the Masculine Aspect for the Planet. The male aspect brings matter up toward spirit in the heavens above. The one pointing downward represents your female aspect and the Feminine Aspect for the Planet. It points downward, bringing Spirit into the matter in our reality.  When these two merge, it balances the energies- Heaven and earth meet within the Star Tetrahedron and so do the Masculine and Feminine for the planet, the male and female polarities within each of us.  This process of coming to balance can fix much of the problems we face at this juncture of Earth and all souls’ evolution. Tetrahedron – Wikipedia. This link provides you with the knots and bolts of a star tetrahedron.

The significance of the Star Tetrahedron and its function.

As a Sacred Geometry, the Star Tetrahedron creates a Blueprint which can provide you with expansive capabilities beyond this reality. You can experience yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being, united in love and harmony with the entire universe capable of Manifesting all manners of thins. As a Divine Soul you deserve to remember all that you are, not just this limited aspect of yourself, trapped inside this contracted, small, physical body, filled with pain and fear, struggling to survive from one day to the next.

The link below provides you with a complete understanding of the significance of a Star Tetrahedron from an energetic and spiritual standpoint. Metaphysical Star Tetrahedron – CrystalWind.ca | Sacred Geometry

The purpose of Your Light Body

Your light body holds the blueprint of the Sacred Geometry of a Star Tetrahedron. When energized and fully activated, your Light Body becomes your Vehicle of Light. This is a vehicle that enables your consciousness to roam the realms and explore your multi dimensionality. It frees you from the limitations of your everyday life and experience the expansive states available in the Sublime Realms in the Higher Dimensions. You can see yourself as a Mighty and Divine Soul. 

 As a Divine Soul you have a Multi-Dimensional Existence. The first step toward experiencing that Multi-Dimensional Existence is to activate and energize all your energy layers. We have talked about the Energy layers in the blog post- “Awakening Energy Layers around your body” and the related course entitled “awakening the energy layers around your body”.

Activation and use of your light body is facilitated by the activation of the sacred geometry of your Star Tetrahedron within your Merkaba Field (Also spelt Merkabah).

Your Merkabah Field permeates your Light Body. It takes the form of a cocoon or sphere of light.

When all your Energy Layers function fully/optimally, you no longer see yourself as a limited, contracted human, being tethered and bound to this reality. You see yourself as a Multi-Dimensional Being whose scope of activities stretch to Higher Dimensions. The limitation of this human body, in this physical world, which grounds and bounds you, no longer applies.

Once you activate your Merkabah Field, it will permeate your light body and you will experience safety, unity and oneness everywhere. You become aware of your own true nature as an expensive divine Saul with multi-dimensional reach.

When your Star Tetrahedron is activated and energized it emits its blueprint energy from your Light Body down to all layers of your Energy Bodies. When it finally reaches your Physical Body, then you can feel the sublime experience of your unlimited Soul. In that expanded state you experience oneness with all beings and all things. All fears, worries and concerns fade away. This expanded experience replaces your limited perspective and you begin to live in awareness of your unlimited Power and Divinity.

That divine aspect of you can manifest all things for you in every way possible and even in ways, that may seem impossible. What others may call extra-ordinary or magical can become your everyday experience once you live in that state of awareness.

Free Foundational course “Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Empowerment & the Sacred Geometry of Star Tetrahedron

 In the above course, related to this blog, Great Silent Watcher offers you the tools to enhance your awareness and techniques to help you expand your consciousness into realms of reality where you can experience your multi-dimensional self and your unlimited existence.

Great Silent Watcher activates a cocoon of Turquoise Blue Light around each of your Energy Bodies, the invisible layers of Energy which surround your body and help you process. She energizes two small Turquoise Blue Spheres each containing a Star Tetrahedron.  She places one sphere at the top of the cocoon above your head and the other sphere below your feet at your Earth crust Chakra. This sphere connects to earth below your feet.  It draws life force energy from Mother Earth and provides your survival needs.

The sphere above your head receives Life Force Energy drawn from heavens above, that brings you streams of awareness from those realms. That awareness enables you to experience yourself as a powerful Multi-Dimensional Being. Great Silent Watcher helps you come to the awareness that you are a Divine Soul with an unlimited potential while you are still in this limited physical body. The consciousness of fear, lack, abandonment, and rejection fades away to be replaced by love, nurturance, and Empowerment.

 It takes a while for the awareness to set in and the limitations to drop; but it is great fun when it does, even when fleeting and transitory.it becomes great fun when it becomes a habit. That is what those avatars who live in physical bodies and do some extraordinary things experience. They do it to pave a path, so the rest of us can follow in their shoes

Enjoy the Ride!












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    Thank you for writing.
    Wishing you all the best meandering through the journey of Life.
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