Under the Turquoise Dome with Angelic Watchers and Great Silent Watcher

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Who is Great Silent Watcher?

Great Silent Watcher is a Cosmic Being of Light.  She is the Protector of Humankind. She held the idea, or the Seed Thought Form, for our entire Planet and the rest of our Solar System in her mind and her heart until it became manifest into creation. Great Silent Watcher Loves us and wants to protect us … you could say, She is the Grandmother or Godmother of us, all. We refer to Great Silent Watcher as a female even though at her level of Light and Might there is no need for gender identification.

We refer to Great Silent Watcher as She, Her because, at this point in our history, Mother Earth and all of us, need the Divine Feminine Energy to bring us Motherly  Love, Light, Healing and Nurturance. These Beings come from such high levels of Light that there is no division, no polarity, Male, Female or others. They have all polarities, at all levels as part of their essence completely united.   There is Oneness and Unity Consciousness. However, because we live in a reality where there is division and polarity, we need the Feminine Qualities, the softness, the elasticity and malleability of the Feminine Spirit to save us from all the rift, division, havoc and mayhem that reigns in our World.

Great Silent Watcher’s Appearance, Her Light and Her Scepter of Power

Here is a visual description:

Imagine you are looking at a huge cloud of Turquoise. Gradually, the cloud takes form in the shape of a very large Female Being. This is Great Silent Watcher. She is dressed in flowing Turquoise Blue silk robes, radiating Her Turquoise Light in all directions.

On her head, Great Silent Watcher has a beautiful headdress made of condensed Turquoise Blue Light with a large oval-shaped Blue Topaz positioned over her third eye. In her left hand, Great Silent Watcher holds an extremely large Scepter of Power. It has a long golden rod with a rounded ball at its tip. This Scepter is Her Power Object. Through Her Scepter of Power, Great Silent Watcher sends forth Her own Life Force Energy to anyone, any place, anything she wishes to Bless and Fortify. Great Silent Watcher is standing under a shaft of Turquoise Blue Light and invites you to join Her. Envision yourself going to stand by Her side.


What is the Significance of The Turquoise Blue Dome of Great Silent Watcher?

Just like Great Silent Watcher’s Scepter of Power, the Dome of Turquoise carries Her   Signature Energy and Life Force. The Dome becomes your haven, your happy place. You can feel safe and protected inside the Dome. Imagine yourself inside the Dome, knowing Great Silent Watcher is Over-Lighting you and always protecting you from harm.  She can uplift your mood, heal your ails and remove your pain.                                

What Purpose Does the Turquoise Dome Serve?

The Turquoise Dome provides you with healing, safety and protection. Imagine yourself beneath the Turquoise Dome – safe, protected and always supported. You can request from Great Silent Watcher to erect the Turquoise Dome over you, your loved ones and your home, to provide safety, protection and healing for everyone in your home… including all your animals, plants and minerals in your home and on your property. The Life Force Energy emanating from the Turquoise Dome will help your plants, veggies and flowers to flourish and thrive with less effort. The Prana, Life Force Energy, imbues every person, every place and everything it encompasses. Imagine you are always inside Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Dome of Light and ask that Great Silent Watcher’s Light and Protection remain with you and yours… always.

What Is the Turquoise Dome Made Of?

The Dome is made of Light! Great Silent Watcher’s Turquoise Light emanates from the Dome and spreads Her Healing and Love to everyone and everything It touches. The Essence and Spirit that moves through the Dome is the same Essence and Spirit that Great Silent Watcher uses for the Creation of the Guardian Angels known as the Watcher and the Cosmic Guardians known as Silent Watchers. (You will read about them shortly and meet them in person in the guided meditation audio with the link at the end of this blog.)

Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers

Great Silent Watcher holds Her Scepter of Power high above your head, pointing it at the highest area of the Dome. The Turquoise Blue Light begins to emanate and spread from Her Scepter. Great Silent Watcher begins to shake Her Scepter of Power. This time, the Turquoise Blue Light carries shimmering flakes of Gold. The Gold and the Turquoise pouring out of her Scepter begins to hit the Dome, condensing into small individual Spheres of Light. These individual Spheres begin to unfurl, spread out and take the shape of Angels. These are the Angelic Watchers. They reveal their wings and their beautiful transparent Topaz Blue Bodies Made of Pure Light. Their Light shines through their wings.  These Angelic Watchers are your Guardian Angels, who, under Great Silent Watcher’s guidance, bring you Healing and Protection.

You receive your circle of 100 Angelic Watchers

When approximately one hundred Angelic Watchers have taken form, Great Silent Watcher directs them to make a circle around you. The Angelic Watchers begin to transmit their Turquoise Blue Light of Healing to you.  The Light pours from their extended hands as well as their entire body and wings. You see and feel the particles of Turquoise Blue Light forming around you like a cloud. The cloud begins to sit on the surface of your skin and is absorbed into your body. It regenerates your skin and penetrates deeper into your veins and enters your blood circulation… It reaches the organs of your body… Enters your muscles and skeletal structures… reaching deep into your bone and bone marrow… regenerating and rejuvenating your Stem Cells. The Turquoise Blue Light enters the DNA and RNA in every cell of your body. It seeps at nanoparticle levels into your DNA to regenerate and rejuvenate your entire body and Being.

Take a deep breath. Pause for a moment.  Absorb this Healing and Rejuvenation.

When the circle of Angelic Watchers have completed their Healing, they lower their arms and rest their hands by their sides.

Your Own Silent Watcher

Great Silent Watcher extends her Scepter of Power high above your head and over the circle of the Angelic Watchers, pointing it at the highest area of the Turquoise Dome.  Once again, the Turquoise Blue Light emanates from Her Scepter, expanding towards the Dome. Great Silent Watcher begins to shake Her Scepter, adding shimmering flakes of Gold inside the Turquoise Blue Light which condense into one large Sphere of Light. This Sphere of Light begins to unfurl and take shape as a large Cosmic Angelic Figure known as the Silent Watcher. Your Silent Watcher comes to stand facing you, inside the circle of the Angelic Watchers. From this point on, your Silent Watcher will supervise all your Angelic Watchers under the guidance of Great Silent Watcher. You can call on your Silent Watcher for all your needs and for the Healing of your Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Who Are the Silent Watchers and What Do They Do?

Your Silent Watcher is the stepped down version of Great Silent Watcher. She is a hologram of Great Silent Watcher. Which means your Silent Watcher carries the exact energetic signature as Great Silent Watcher herself. Your Silent Watcher receives her power from Great Silent Watcher and steps down that Power to match your energetic substance. She directs the right quotient of Light and the specific Power for your circuitry. Great Silent Watcher is an enormous Cosmic Being with the level of Light beyond our ability to consume or digest. Great Silent Watcher’s Light and Power gets stepped down by your own Silent Watcher who will give you exactly what your body and being can absorb or digest. Your Silent Watcher is present and available, ready to protect and guide you. (Full Guided Meditation to receive and experience your Silent watcher available in the audio format-link at the end of this blog.)

Imagine yourself protected beneath the Turquoise Dome, surrounded by your own Angelic Watchers. They can replenish you with their Turquoise Blue Light, clear negativity and uplift your mood.  You can bring your loved ones (human and animal) under the Dome, encircled by the Angelic Watchers at all times.

Animals respond very well to these Higher Beings and their Light. Animals can sense the presence of such Beings. They can see their Light and feel their Love easily. Animals adapt to these experiences and love resting in these Higher Energies.

 Who Are the Angelic Watchers and What Do They Do?

Angelic Watchers are your Guardian Angels. They are responsible for administering Healing, releasing negativity, restoring balance and empowering you to do good and feel good.  Imagine calling upon the Silent Watchers and the Angelic Watchers to begin spreading the Turquoise Blue Light around your body with the effects remaining active at all times. Angelic Watchers assist the Animal and Plant Kingdoms as well.

The Silent Watchers supervise multitudes of Angelic Watchers who are sent to Earth in large numbers. These Angelic Beings are here to serve humankind. They  serve at the pleasure of Great Silent Watcher who is the overarching figure above them all. Billions of Angelic Watchers are sent to Earth to watch over Humankind and be our Guides and Guardian Angels.

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Free Audio of a Guided Meditation which leads you to experience the energy of your own Angelic Watchers and Silent Watcher under the Turquoise Dome is available free of Charge in our Foundational Courses, under Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit.


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