What Do You, The Black Hole, and The Void Have In Common?

the divine mother and black hole

Black holes have been the topic of conversation for everyone from scientists to amateur astronomers to stargazers and lay people.

Black Holes

Einstein predicted the existence of Black Holes in 1916 with his general theory of relativity that it took until 1971 before the first Black Hole was discovered. The understanding was that when massive stars collapse black holes form. They grow bigger by absorbing mass and matter from their surroundings. The first image of a black hole was taken by the event Horizon telescope in 2019.

From an energetic and esoteric standpoint, the Black Holes serve at universal and cosmic levels by taking mass and matter that no longer serve any part of the cosmos and transmute it into light and life force energy. That light can then be jetted out to another part of the universe for use.
The scientists speak of a jet made of ionized matter traveling nearly at the speed of light, directed towards an observer- as in planets and stars. The jet emits high energy Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays and Light Photons, Wikipedia.

Divine Mother has been explaining the significance of receiving the light from the Cosmic Rays in multiple recent courses offered at wavesofbliss.com. She explains that mass transition to a Higher State of Consciousness can be accelerated when the light emanating from the Blazar Jets is transmitted to our planet. Such events can bring on massive Paradigm Shifts that raise the light and vibration of the planet to higher levels. That allows us to receive guides and guardians from Cosmic Levels (such as Great Silent Watcher- the hero of our next blog) who comes to protect and lead us to higher states and levels of consciousness. The solar flares of the recent months are a similar vessel for transition to Higher Consciousness.

Is The black Hole the Cosmic Version of Heaven Or Hell?

It seems to me that a Black Hole is actually a representation of both Heaven and Hell. When Cosmic Matter from a stellar collapse, the death of planets and stars, is pulled to the gravitational pull of the Event Horizon they are absorbed into the Black Hole and transmuted. Now that could be the equivalent of burning in Hell. But when that physical matter turns into pure energy and comes out as Light through the Blazar Jets that could be the equivalent of Heaven. Because the Light emanating from the Black Hole reaches other planetary bodies like our own planet and brings new life. This second act resembles the heavenly equivalent of Cosmic paradise.

The thing to ponder is the parallel between what happens to us as a physically embodied portion of the Soul and what happens to our Souls when it goes through the transition out of the body into the Void. So we have stated it sheds the polluted debris from its last incarnation and absorbs the Light and wisdom it needs to enter into a new body for another life cycle. The Black Hole reflects the same parallel at Cosmic levels where Cosmic matter enters it, sheds it debris, turns into Light, and shines it back to create new life forms.

The Void

The concept of a Black Hole where everything goes in to become nothing has a parallel in our own human experience. It is even explained in our mathematics. We know that if you add nothing to nothing you still get nothing, 0+0 = 0. The reverse is also true if you take away nothing from nothing you still end up with nothing, 0-0 = 0. The Void is where all becomes nothing and whether you try to add or subtract from it makes no difference.

The Void has the power to extinguish energy and return matter to nothingness. 


To find your everything-ness, you have to consciously go through the experience of the Void. The way to release your smallness is first by becoming nothing and then to reclaim your everything-ness. You reclaim it by realizing that you are much bigger than your small-self parts.

Life in this circus of havoc and mayhem right now, shows us that all of our attachments, our material possessions, our sense of safety, and our peace is being threatened. Normalcy can be here today and gone tomorrow, through no act of our own. We just saw it happen before our own eyes-through our TV screens we watched the hurricane flatten the entire Sanibel Island in Florida. Everything was gone overnight, poof!

“The Void is a state of pure consciousness.”

Encyclopedia Britannica- britannica.com

Have you ever had a chance to speak with someone who has lost everything? Or someone who has lost the one thing that means more than everything to them? There is a sense of detachment, an other-worldly feeling to such people. They can talk about their possessions not from a place of ownership, but from a place that separates them from their things.

In the case of loss, the parents who lose a child also lose interest in the small things of this world. To fill in the ever-deepening hole in their heart and souls such parents take on bigger tasks. They become activists against violence and against discrimination. They give up their smallness which limits them to “me, my, mine”, and instead they take on a vastness that encompasses a much bigger landscape-a global landscape and an other-worldly perspective. That’s what the Void does from a human perspective. It is also exactly what a Black Hole does from a cosmic perspective.

We are the microcosm that mimics and reflects the macrocosm. The macrocosm in turn absorbs our signature energy, our essence and substance, our existence as the microcosm and then reflects it back to us – this becomes the everlasting game.

In Hindu mysticism, Krishna is known as the God of Love. He came into human incarnation to bring Eternal Love into our physical world and anchor it down into the substance of our world.
The story goes that when he was a small child, he liked to eat dirt. One day his mother caught him in the act and ran to the rescue! When she forced his mouth open to get the dirt out, she saw the entire universe. In that moment her consciousness was raised to levels beyond fear, beyond smallness, beyond the recognition that her child might die from eating dirt. Instead, she realized she was standing before the vastness of the universe contained within the small body of her child. Despite being in a limited body, Krishna still carried the Unlimited Essence of Eternal Love.

The parable, “from dust unto dust” which is quoted especially in funeral ceremonies and sermons speaks to the transformation that the body goes through after the soul leaves it and the realization that this entire body of matter is nothing but a pile of dust. The material form with all its mass and its weight is nothing but a pile of dust. The real substance is the nothing that moves through it – the Soul. The Soul weighs almost nothing as evidenced by the weight of a person before they take their last breath and after (3/4 of an ounce or 21 grams).

Yet the energy and the substance of the Soul has a t and value more than the weight or value of all our material possessions. Your Soul is eternal. Your body turns into dust. All that remains is the memories and lessons which get scooped up by the Soul and taken up to the void in the heavens above to sit in the pure joy of that emptiness and bathe in the light of the nothingness. It is also exactly what a Black Hole does from the cosmic perspective, it takes the dust and debris from interstellar materials and turns them into Light. The Soul needs the Void just as the Cosmic Matter needs the Black Hole. The Soul needs to rest and recoup in the emptiness of the heavenly Void so that it can find and redefine itself; to get ready for the next journey back into another body. The Light that emits out of the Blazar Jets at the other end of the Black Hole sends the Cosmic Rays to the Soul who is sitting in the emptiness of the Void and it beckons the Soul to become active and excited again. It’s time to wake up and take another incarnation back in the Worlds of Matter.

Is The Void The Equivalent of Heaven?

Now we are getting into the nitty gritty. Think of it this way, the Soul after dropping the body needs to go somewhere to release the memories, the trauma, and the burden of the life it has gone through. the Soul isn’t looking to go swim in a pool of clear water with a glass of margarita. The Soul needs to be in a safe space to unburden itself. That heavenly paradoxical place where you sip on the margaritas and dangle your feet in the clear ocean waters is not an idea of a good time from the Soul’s perspective. This stage of the soul is made of Light. All it needs is to strengthen and illuminate that Light. The Soul needs to take the impurities and pollution out of its substance in preparation to accept another body of matter. The whole idea of Heaven and Hell is only relevant when you are inside a physical body. It doesn’t really apply to the Soul.
Based on all of this I would say the Void could easily be equivalent to Heaven and paradise which is the ideal perspective as a human.

The Void is the microcosm, the Black Hole is the macrocosm. They work at the two ends of the spectrum. We go through the Void; interstellar and Cosmic Matter goes through the
Black Hole. The cycles repeat ad-Infinitum.

Let’s remind each other that we are here to experience our Everything-ness. We are not to be distracted by small things, even if in the moment, those things encompass all we have. We had the power to collect them once. We can do it again and again. Each time it’s easier and faster.

After all, it is only a game, this life! The more we play it the better we get at it. We become the Brandished Stainless-Steel Souls who have been through the Fire of Life. Don’t you remember when our Souls wrote the contract to come down here to do just that?
Let’s remind each other of that too, especially when Life gets hard to tackle!

Let’s pray for all the people of our world who are experiencing loss and will them to muster up the Power to go on to become the Steely Pioneering Souls they agreed to become.
Here’s to the day when we remember and celebrate these memories!

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