What is a Life Path Reading

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A Life Path Reading Session is relevant and timely if you have been wondering,


 Please note that the information in this blog is based on my experience of giving Life Path Reading Sessions for the past 3 decades. Each individual Spiritual Teacher or facilitator has their own style and format that serves them and their clients.  Please explore and research for yourself to find the person who most resonates with you and offers you what is most desirable and valuable to you.


You come to this world with a mandate to complete two sets of agreements and contracts and your Life Path Reading Session with Nasrin focuses on both of these:

  • Your Personal agreements and Contract which becomes the source of all your personal relationships with people, places and all things:

This helps you have a better understanding of why you have chosen your family, the one you were born to and all its members; and the one you choose to create as your own family in adulthood. Knowing the WHY part- Why did I choose this family to be born to, these siblings, those early partnerships whatever their nature- romantic or work, or social- helps with the HOW part of the equation- how to deal with people, situations, circumstances, opportunities, choices and how to improve upon them to live a life of joy, prosperity, health and success….


2-Your Soul agreements and Contract which define your Mission and Purpose for coming into this world. Your Soul Contract is the overarching reason for you being incarnate in this world at this juncture. Its scope goes beyond your personal contract and its importance can not be overstressed. This is the part that you’d be missing without a Life Path Reading because this cannot be found in any book or taught in any workshop. This is the stuff that uniquely relates to you and you alone. It can be the root cause for all your actions and interactions and all the lessons learned or botched up to be repeated again! (I say this because of my own botched up projects. One of my constant prayers is to learn the lessons before any projects gets underway. I remind my guides that botching up any project at this stage in my life can be a waste of time and energy that neither they nor I can afford or enjoy! Having said that,  there is no dispute that botching up a plan makes us more receptive to change. This may be because we need to get to that vulnerable state where we open ourselves to change and become better at listening!


 There are no failures, there are only tasks to complete and lessons to learn so your Soul can elevate itself and your Personality Aspects can fulfill their job of making it in this world. Your Soul brings you into this world to accomplish very specific tasks which relate to fulfilling your Soul Purpose.  That defines your Soul’s commitment to serve at a much greater scale. You may be surprised when you find out in your Life Path Reading Session that a specific task or project which you completed or have been dreaming to get done one day, may relate to your Soul Contract.


Your Soul may have agreed to help you complete specific tasks that elevates our world and its people and other creatures.  Given the state of our planet and the necessity for change, it would be fair to expect that everyone who is awakened to their Soul Purpose would be interested in helping at large scale, raising the bar, serving or helping the planet.


Random Experiences and events will no longer seem random in the bigger picture perspective gauged from your Soul’s point of view. 

The experience of a Life Path Reading enables you to see the bigger picture perspective of your life. This is because looking at them as ad hoc events without a through line that stretches throughout your life makes each incidence seem random. However, when the throughline is considered based on actions and interactions throughout this life from the perspective of your Soul and what you were meant to achieve in the bigger picture it will all make sense. Things you thought you failed-at may turn out to be purposeful actions on your Soul’s behalf which make a big difference.


 Soul Retrieval and Healing of the fragmented personality aspects. 

 Your Life path reading Session can help you recall memories  of incidents and circumstances that need to be healed and released. Looking at them from the perspective of your Soul allows you to realize that incidents and accidents may have caused a separation and withdrawal of your own Soul and/or personality aspects. This may have created a vacuum, an emptiness inside of you that you may have felt but not known how to fill or heal. Your focus has been on survival and completion of tasks to the best of your abilities, with the available knowledge and tools. Now you have a new awareness. That awareness combined with a newfound level of willingness to heal and feel better can be combined with tools, skills, and knowledge to fix stuff you didn’t know was broken and needed fixing!


Past Lives and Present Life Come together to make better sense and clear the picture for future actions.

Your Life Path Reading Session can facilitate the retrieval and healing of those parts of your Soul or Personality aspects. It helps you summon all those forgotten parts of yourself. Calling them back, healing them and absorbing them as part of your entire being has an enormous beneficial impact. When the merger with those aspects of you- who were left behind or chose to leave- happens you will find a new level of unity and wholesomeness within you. They came back with something to contribute to make your life more fulfilling and help the world in some way small or large!


 This process can be looked upon from the perspective of multiple related Past Lives where, events and relationships with people, places, and things in those past Lives impact this lifetime and bring about events and circumstances that is not otherwise be explainable; but when taking Past Lifetimes and the karmic entanglement or connections into account, then they make perfect sense and fall into place. That alone is worth experiencing.


Connecting with Your Soul Lineage Family Members and the Head of Your Soul Lineage-

Your Soul Lineage members are your Spiritual family in the Higher Realms who have been guiding your from above and cheering you on for multiple lifetimes. When you accomplish something that benefits you at Soul level, they too benefit and you all get elevated. That is a valuable gift and the healing outcome can stretch into the future by energizing and uplifting you.


Your Life Path reading Session given you a through-line to your Soul Lineage Members and the head of your Soul Lineage.

 Your Soul Lineage is like your Family Tree but at a much higher level and it stretches to multiple lifetimes. The head of your Spiritual Family is a very important figure that you may not know anymore because of many lifetimes of living life without working with your Soul Lineage Members or your Soul Lineage Figure-Head.  You have forgotten they exist or that you work with them. In fact chances are you have not worked with them consciously for a very long time stretching into many lifetimes. Making that connection would be like reuniting with a group of beloved family members that you have unconsciously missed dearly. It also empowers you to do all things here with the power they pour into you and the acceleration they can provide for you to finish all tasks you have to complete, whether your worldly pursuits or your Soul’s. Once you are connected with your benevolent crew of Soul Lineage Head and Soul Lineage members, YOU are good to go and they will be around when you need them. You can keep up the connection and ask for their help and guidance whenever you want. Happy connecting and exploring everyone!

If you are interested in exploring a Life Path Reading Session with Nasrin please follow the link to Life path Reading Session and sign up for a 30 min free exploratory session.

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