What to expect from The First Solar Eclipse of 2023?

what to expect during a lunar eclipse

The solar eclipse of April 20, 2023 happens at 12:12 AM Eastern Time.

Solar eclipses always happen on the new moon. The new moons are about starting things new. This Solar Eclipse is called a Hybrid Eclipse because when the Moon covers the face of the sun, the rim remains visible creating a ring of fire as shown in the pics in this blog. The name hybrid is a bit misleading, and makes it sound less important than it is. The point is that the moon covers the sun, but since its smaller and closer to us, can we see the edges of the sun make a thin ring in fiery colors.

A new moon that falls on a Solar Eclipse brings in the opportunity for starting things anew. All New moons are for fresh starts. A new Moon that falls on a Solar eclipse is magnified exponentially because the Solar eclipse tends to scrape off the old  unwanted stuff. It isn’t always easy for us but it is part of the Grand Plan!

Solar Eclipses generally bring about Self-Awareness. This is because the Sun with its life-giving force is about Self-Sustenance. Your Self-Image and your Core identity are also affected by the sun.

Macrocosm and Microcosm

Within our Solar System- the Sun is the most important body, the star attraction and actually the star, to all the planets that orbit around it in our Solar System. The Sun is therefore, our Macrocosm and we are the Microcosm. When something happens to the Macrocosm we too get affected by it. As the saying goes, “As Above, So Below!”  Even though we play the role of the Microcosm, without us there is no witness to the Macrocosm so the two need each other and have a symbiotic relationship. So there goes the second verse of the saying: “As below, so above!”

The sun is the core of our existence. It stands to reason that our Core Identity be affected by the sun and that we begin to question or inquire about our Core-Identity with the approach of a Solar Eclipse, during its transition, and even for days and weeks after a Solar Eclipse has occurred. It also stands to reason that during the preceding days of a Solar Eclipse, Emotional, Mental and Physical challenges might surface which lead to and trigger self-inquiry. Such events lead to delving deeper into Self related issues leading to Self-Growth, Self-Development and bring greater maturity and wisdom as well as Self-Awareness.

Self-inquiry leads to finding things about yourself that you may have known and neglected.  A Solar Eclipse can trigger you to attend to those neglected parts of yourself. It can also bring your awareness to things that you  newly notice or discover about yourself. That becomes a mechanism for Self-Discovery, which triggers you into much needed action.

Eclipses of any kind or times where shadows are cast. When the eclipse is over, it reveals new truths or accentuates old ones. Emotional issues could come to the surface to be cleared. Matters that have been neglected may resurface to be attended to. All this can bring about new wisdom courage and strength, to make the necessary changes.

What to Do and What Not to Do:

what to expect during a lunar eclipse meditation

Do these things

It’s good to take a bath or shower after the Solar Eclipse ends. It is easy to do that given that this eclipse happens at 12:12 Eastern Time in North America and everyone can include it in their daily routine of bathing. The idea is to bathe intentionally which applies:

a) As you bathe set the intention for the water to clear you of everything that the eclipse breaks loose. Say, “I intend and Imagine that everything I no longer need or desire is cleared and released from my body, my energy and my life.” Imagine as you say these words that everything you don’t need is cleared and released from your body, your energy, and your life.

Water is a great purifier of all impurities and cleanser of all negativity and fear.

b) You may also set your intention that everything beneficial to be attracted to you and easily integrated within your life and your being. Say, “I attract everything good and beneficial to myself. I accept and receive these beneficial things with Joy and gratitude.” Imagine the best of all things imaginable coming to you. Imagine you loving every bit of it and giving thanks for all of it.

Water is also a great conductor of energy. It can help you attract all things beneficial to yourself and into your life. You may ask for health and strength in your body, wealth and fortune in your life and anything else you may desire.

Don’t Do These Things:

Don’t plan on big changes or decisions close to the eclipse!

Leave big decisions and actions until the Eclipse is completely over if possible. There is a jittery energy that prevails from a few days to a few weeks before any Eclipse. It’s definitely palpable in the period when the preceding full moon happens and two weeks later when the new moon and the Solar Eclipses happen and this one is no exception. In all Eclipses Mother Earth goes through some form of upheaval and we feel and sense it in our bones even when we remain unaware or unconscious of it. Just because some remain unaware, does not make them less affected. It actually helps when we have awareness, we can monitor and control our senses and understand the situation rather than being confused and bewildered by it!

Don’t plan big events, big purchases

During Eclipses communication becomes difficult, emotions run high, minds become foggy and bodies become achy and irritable. All such things trigger irrational actions and unreasonable behavior.
It is best not to plan on big events like having surgery, buying a house or land, or a large ticket item. 

Don’t plan Important or conclusive Conversations. Post pone, important, or decisive conversations, which may impact your life until after eclipse is over. If you feel irritable and jittery, knowing what’s up, just imagine how others feel while totally bewildered and unconscious of why they feel the way they do. So don’t ask you boss for a raise, don’t try to teach a big lesson to your teenage kid if possible, don’t have that “we need to talk” conversation with anyone! You may not get the best outcome by rushing into such conversations until the eclipse is over. It is not worth the risk.

Be mindful that some eclipses impact you more than others:

Who is affected the most by the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse?

1-If the Eclipse happens in the sky right above you and you can see it from wherever you are located then it impact you more, because it is happening right over your head!

 This eclipse isn’t directly over those living in North America, in fact it is mostly over the ocean but it will impact people in Australia, New Zealand and some of the small Islands nearby.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 affected everyone in North America for months before and after it occurred. It covered the entire United States. starting in the west coast it worked its way to the East coast slowly covering the entire Midwest and Mideast until it was finally over after two hour plus had passed.

2-this eclipse impacts people in the following for signs of the zodiac, the most:
Aries, March 21 to April 19
Cancer, June 21 to July 22
Libra, Sept 23, to Oct 22
Capricorn, December 22 to January 19
You may read more about the signs and why they are affected in this link
. Popsugar.com


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