When Things Go Wrong

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This piece was written on the full moon of September 10, 2022, which fell between the super moon of August on 8/8/2022 and the portal of Fall Equinox on 9/22/2022. The full moon in September was at the top of the chart for uncomfortable intense energies.  To find out how we got to these intense energies please read my blog about gratitude titled “Every Cell of Your Body Responds to Every Thought You Think” – Think Gratitude”; ink

I have to admit the last few weeks have been truly challenging for me.  Things culminated on the night of the full moon on 9/9/2022 and by around 8:30 PM I was beside myself. I started visiting all those parts of myself that get me into this state of panic mixed with irritation and anger.

I think I have come a long way from the panic attacks of my childhood days, but it still comes through with great urgency on the occasions when it relates to my work with The Masters and Divine Mother. The same knot in my stomach which I have known all too well for almost all my life comes up. Only now, it gets masked in “I have let Divine Mother down” and “I absolutely have to fix this situation or else the sky will fall down on all of creation, and I am responsible for it!”

“I have let Divine Mother down” and “I absolutely have to fix this situation or else the sky will fall down on all of creation, and I am responsible for it!”

My tendency, as it was in childhood, is to seek others who can come to my rescue. It never helped then nor does it now, because of my approach to the whole thing. In fact, now my irritation and anger at my own adult self and the way I express it makes matters worse. It justifiably gets translated as me directing my anger and irritation at whoever I seek to rectify my situation. And that never ends well!  

Last night I was aware that I was actually doing my usual panic-help-rescue-me-from- myself dance. So, I stopped myself before I had begun to dig too big of a rabbit hole. Instead, I went for a walk to clear my head in the twilight of the beautiful full moon night.

Then I sat down and wrote two full pages of handwritten requests and petitions to Divine Mother asking for her grace to resolve my situation. Then I figured the best way to save what was left of this day/night was to go to bed.

I started putting my cell phone to bed- a ritual that none of us knew about or did until a couple of decades ago. I noticed a short video excerpt from Eckhart Tolle was on the phone screen. It was somewhat long, about 21+ minutes, but I thought, “his voice is soothing, and I can listen while I lay down to sleep.”

He started talking about “When Things Go Wrong”.  And he kept referring to some incident that had happened the Friday before, but not actually saying what that incident was. So, I wasn’t sure where he was going with his point. He concluded his discourse by saying something like, “When things go wrong, there is an opportunity…..”.  TaDa! I got it.

There was my answer from the Universe and Divine Mother. I offered gratitude and as I was falling asleep, I had the thought that it would be interesting to put this quote to all of you and ask you to fill in the blanks with what resonates with you.

For example, When things go wrong there is an opportunity _______

                                  For change

                                  To reevaluate

                                  To step into gratitude.

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Thank you all.


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