Your DNA Can Save Our World

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Of the top most important advances of the turn of the century, DNA sequencing has to be number one. The Human Genome Project (HGH) was a collaborative international effort which took a whopping 13 years -1990 to 2003. Technology and computer science have advanced in the last 20 years. The Ultra Rapid Sequencing Technique takes a snappy five hours to sequence a person’s genes today. Our understanding of the importance of DNA and its vast scope expands as time passes with further scientific discoveries. Everything from diagnosing and preventing hereditary ailments as early as in vitro to the use of DNA as a storage mechanism is in that mix. Synthetic as well as natural DNA can be used to modify genes, cure ailments, create new life forms, or store data. Information on all of this you can easily find surfing the net.

Our DNA can decipher and respond to our thoughts. This too is established as a scientific fact by now but here’s things that are not discussed and maybe we should make up for it here!

The DNA of the Ukrainian people is now etched with pain, struggle, and an enormous sense of injustice. Examples like the young father who lost a leg, but survived to watch his wife and his four and seven year old sons shot by Russian soldiers, carries that grief and injustice in his DNA for as long as he shall live. His energetic response is compounded by the pain of others across the globe. Families of women and men who are killed during the uprising in their countries in all parts of the world have their DNA impacted forever. The sad truth is that dictatorships and injustices abound and are getting worse now in the 21st century. Meanwhile scientific, technological, medical, and pharmaceutical advances have soared beyond the imagination of anyone from the past centuries.

Are you wondering questions like:
How is it that we are capable of such advancements and yet we haven’t got a handle over something as basic as human rights?
Why can’t we get out of the purely animalistic behavior that massacres the masses to hold on to power or money?
How is it that we haven’t yet figured out a way to etch our mass DNA with concepts like justice and freedom for all?
How is it we can’t get out of the energy of aggression and injustice?
If these are the questions on your mind, you are not alone.

In 2005, right around the time when the Human Genome Project was “the buzz”, I met a young man, a physicist finishing up his PhD in Houston, Texas. His mom was my client and wanted her son to have a private session with me to balance the esoteric and scientific aspects for him. He obliged her, but had no interest! He had just spent the summer as an intern at Harvard university working on the Human Genome project. He was extremely proud and happy with his lot in the world. He didn’t find any reason why he would spend time with me. I figured I’d let him talk. Occasionally as he spoke I could interject and fill in the gaps. At first he questioned me, gradually he could see that we were speaking the same language, but addressing two viewpoints. He spoke of the mechanics of the science that was so interesting to him and I spoke of the energetic substance and its impact. He started redefining my verbiage into scientific terms he was well versed in and it all was coming together for both of us. We were at two ends of the spectrum, but we found ways to mesh our viewpoints. It benefited both of us and advanced our mutual knowledge and wisdom.

To secure a better future and to change our world for the better, we could change our thought processes and mindfully focus on building a better world. Changing our thought process can impact our DNA and move the needle towards the ideal world.

Here are two primary DNA changing thoughts we can focus on together.

Reversal of Global Warming

Eradication of all actions that are detrimental to our planets. This includes acts that lead to further global warming and are detrimental at planetary levels. We must act as guardians of our planet and love, respect and revere it. We must come together as Citizens of One World and pressure our leaders to act on reversal of global warming immediately.

Fight Against Discrimination

Eradication of all acts of aggression, war, and violence. This includes abuse and violence imposed by human against human, human against plant, mineral, animal, and most importantly violence and assaults of adults against children. This is important for raising future generations of humankind who can naturally act in goodwill with benevolence and integrity. Their DNA must remain intact, natural, and original.

Please keep the people of Ukraine and Russia in your daily prayers. We need to put an end to this senseless war that keeps escalating and leaving huge gaping wounds in the hearts of those impacted. The repair of the energetic impact of their fear and hopelessness will be a mammoth task. The energetics of their DNA is altered forever. Imagine how much work it will be to neutralize or reverse back.

Other people impacted by aggression, discrimination, and injustice who need our daily prayers are women, minorities, and children. Among these children are the most vulnerable. They are our future!

We must eradicate the energetics substance that gives rise to dictators and aggressors. We have the power to eradicate aggression and discrimination. We can summon the power for all countries to choose leaders with good will, integrity, and benevolence. Such leaders will serve all humankind, the planet, and future generations.

Humanity is being tested. The test proves our worthiness for entry into a New Golden Age of Peace and Collaboration. The Golden Age of Aquarius is here, but to claim it we must first strip ourselves and our world of aggression, ill will, self- sabotage, and discrimination. Then we can become the guardians of our planet in peace and prosperity.

Thank you for your conscious awareness, your Light, your Life Forces, and your Energetics Soul Substance. You bring an enormous amount to the table and make a huge difference at this critical juncture.

We will spearhead the change that will save our planet and all its creatures sooner or later. Sooner Is Better!

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