Your Higher Self Is Your True Self

Your higher self meditation

Who is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is that part of Your Self that can see things from a higher perspective. In an ideal world your Higher Self would reside within you. But these juncture in our time cant be considered as an ideal time and Neither your Soul nor your Higher Self reside anywhere near our bodies. Sorry to burst your bubble! But here’s the good news: WE CAN FIX THIS!

Let me add a bit more drama before I give you the good news! Without the presence or guidance of the Higher Self it is hard to navigate life- stating the obvious, about the hard lives we all live in. We are like those frogs in a pond that is heating up gradually to the boiling point. Meanwhile, we keep wondering what WE DID to make us hurt so much. We struggle through trials and errors and feel disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed.

We turn the blame on ourselves without realizing these are not the ideal times and we have chosen to come at this juncture, to this world, so we can experiment and find the solutions that are needed. We are here to change the world for the better.

 Now, here comes the good news: connecting with your Higher Self can release the pain and bypass the trials of life. We can begin by taking steps and setting an infrastructure in place to change all this mess. The first of these steps is to connect with your Sou and then with your Higher Self. These two steps alone can change each of us and our world for the better. Bear with me while I bring you the big picture perspective please.

Your Soul and Your Higher Self

When you are connected with your Soul navigating life gets easier- in the blog “Know Your Soul” I explain in greater detail about the significance and the mechanics of Connecting with your Soul.

Your Soul will guide you to your Higher Self. You may have lost the means for connecting with your Soul but your Soul has not lost you! Your Soul is the first step on the ladder and easy to access. To learn how to connect your Soul check out the Foundational course series, “Know your Soul”.

Your soul is intimately aware of you and all you do, even when you have forgotten and feel no connection with your Soul. Your Soul has the responsibility to see you through life to its end and it would be helpful if your Soul had your attention and understanding. Once a lifetime comes to its end, your Soul detaches you- Your Consciousness- from the body and helps you transition out of a lifetime. It helps you take a short- or long- respite in between lifetimes, before helping you to enter the next one. Your Soul continues to see you through the next and the one after ad- Infinium.

Your Soul knows everything that has happened to you past, present and has a good idea about your future too. Your Soul is the intermediary between you and your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows the big picture perspective: why you are here and what your Soul purpose is, and even how well you have done so far and what more can be done to accelerate you or help you, to get to the optimal point on your journey and fulfill your true purpose.

What is the significance of Your Higher Self

 Your Higher Self has your Entire “Book of Life” available: all the knowledge and wisdom about you and your purpose. It is revealed to you when you can communicate with your Higher Self and when you can witness your own journey going from one life to the next and the next.

Through such communication you get to experience yourself as the “witness” and see the whole life journey and even past lives and future lives as if it is a movie script- except its your life’s script. Your Self is that part of you who remains awake when you sleep, remembers everything that has happened and will happen to you, and knows everything about you. When that witness Self awakens within you with the help of your Soul, it guides you to your Higher Self who can tweak your multiple lives’ journeys and lead you to Self-Realization and Enlightenment:  the state of consciousness where needs, desires and suffering dissolves. Then you become free and enlightened. Enlightenment: A Controversial Psycho-Spiritual Experience

Awakening to your Higher Self

An awakened human being is someone who realizes that there’s a higher purpose to being incarnate and that purpose must be found and fulfilled. While in the body, an awakened Soul searches for Self-realization – which is realizing  the existence and participation of that part of the Self, who watches and remembers everything and is detached from all of it but holds the skills and wisdom to bring you to that place where you can Realize the true purpose of your Self- the purpose for being here is and how to fulfill it.

What is Sanat Kumara’s involvement with the Higher Self?

As the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara is the guardian of the entire planet and the head of all hierarchies of Earth. His consciousness is the umbrella that protects the planet and all its hierarchies. It’s the glue that bonds all people, places, and things together, in our reality.

Sanat Kumara’s presence and his Energy Over-Lights Higher Selves for all humankind. His energy signature and his consciousness nurtures and regenerates all species; that includes all intelligent and sentient but even the insentient and unconscious species- those who don’t have individualized consciousnesses but a collective one- such as the plants, the minerals (rocks, stones and gems) and the animals. Sanat Kumar’s SELF provides the Life force and the essence that feeds and nurtures all our Higher Selves.

Sanat Kumara’s Absence

Sanat Kumara Theosophy – Wikipedia was appointed as the spiritual and the political leader for Earth but he has been exiled from Earth. The density of our reality in this 3rd Dimension is one reason for his absence. Resistance, and opposition to his presence, which has developed over many thousands of years has kept him away from the planet.  The exile has been hard to endure for him but also for all of us who live on Earth. We may not realize it because we have no way to gauge or measure the difference between his absence against his presence- since he has not been present for many thousands of years. That translates to many incarnations for each of us. We are all struggling to hold it together much like children who are at a loss for parental guidance. or employees whose revered boss, the founder of the company, has been ousted from his position and no longer in charge, or at the helm.

Return of Sanat Kumara to over light everyone’s Higher Self

As the Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara’s Consciousness, or his “I AM THAT I AM” provides the collective Higher Self of Earth and all Souls including Humankind. Our Higher Selves must be reconnected and re-aligned with Sanat Kumara. Then Earth and humanity will return to the Integrity, Truth and Honor we all deserve and seek.

When Sanat Kumara’s consciousness is available to over-light us and our world Life will become easier to navigate because we can follow his instructions and he can provide each of us with our own individualized map! Then we can fulfill our individual and collective purpose.

Sanat Kumara believes in making life easier for all of us on Earth. He understands our human needs but also our greater needs as Highly Evolved Souls who are here to serve a Divine Purpose. He offers us his own support and protection and authorizes Guides, Guardians and Beings of Light from the Higher Realms to come to our aid and service. Sanat Kumara’s goal has been to teach us ways to think out of the box and use resources that accelerate us in achieving the best outcome for ourselves and for our world.

Sant kumara’s Over- Lighting presence and support provides us with safety and protects us from harm, distractions, or delays. He can trigger greater awareness within you and help you to find easier ways to fulfill your Divine Purpose, show you shortcuts and facilitate your acceleration.   He can show you shortcuts without compromise. He is all about finding Shortcuts and easier solutions to every situation without jeopardizing the outcome.

The return of Sanat Kumara, to take his position as the guardian of earth could be the best news of our lifetime. It will heal the wounds and the scars we have developed over the past few thousand years. If any of the above makes an impression on you, then you may say the following petition:

“Sanat Kumara, as our Planetary Logos, please Over-Light our Individual Higher Selves, with Your Consciousness and change the trajectory of Earth and all Souls from Demise to Thrive, from Survival to Prosperity, from Negativity to Purity, from Deception to Truth and Honor.

Sanat Kumara, give us your Grace and allow us to help you trigger a Sea-Change of Truth, Integrity, Purity and Honor. Please shine your Light and heal Our world and our Hearts with your Love and support. So it is!”

I highly recommend that you read the blog “with Sanat Kumara in Shambala” and exercise the meditations provided in the free Foundational course series “with Sanat Kumara in Shambala” if you have not already done so. It will put things in perspective for you and help you understand him and experience his energy firsthand. Then you will appreciate the material presented in this blog and his involvement in introducing you to your own Higher Self even more.

The free Foundational Course series “Your Higher Self Is Your True Self” Provides two guided meditations where you can experience connecting with your own Higher Self in the presence of Sanat Kumara at the Throne of the I Am that I AM.

This is a landmark point on your Journey to greater discoveries. May the grace and support of your own Soul, your Higher Self, Sanat Kumara and all your Guides, Guardian and Beings of Higher Light shine on You and fill Your heart with Love.

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